Genre: Rock/Pop

This isn't the first time that young music fans have created a professional group, but Airship is definitely one of the most addictive and exciting new bands to come out of Manchester.


United by their shared passion for high-quality music, as well as a strong friendship, these four lads started out playing regular dates at the Night & Day in Manchester, polishing their live performance and gaining confidence for later tours.


Inspired by people they met on their way, their musical identity quickly took shape. The four talented musicians then gained experience on long tours, playing to bigger and bigger audiences.


Airship write, record and produce their own music in a home studio. It is all this time spent working on, thinking about and polishing their songs that inspired Steven, the drummer, to describe their work as "intelligent pop music". However, the band sets itself apart from the mass of guitar/pop on the market with its completely candid and pure approach.


Their first EP, Algebra, was released in 2010. The band is re-releasing its first single, 'Algebra', in September 2011 alongside its album Stuck In This Ocean (PIAS), with the first single 'Kids'. This is a long-awaited album that lives up to expectations.

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Les Passagers du Zinc, Besançon
October 13, 2011
La Boule Noire, Paris
October 20, 2011