Welshly Arms

      Welshly Arms

      A blues-rock tinged with soul from Cleveland
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      "[WE] GONNA GET THEIR ATTENTION!" can be heard on their track "Legendary". And it is very likely that Welshly Arms is one of these promising bands to be counted on! 
      With this curious name coming from a Saturday Night Live sketch, it's hard to guess the style on which the Americans of Welshly Arms position themselves. And yet their music will not disappoint rock, blues or even soul fans. Their first two albums attest to this mix of genres, where songs that are as raw as they are poised intersect, highlighting the band's artistic sensibility. 
      Founded in 2013, the band consists of Samuel Getz (guitar), Michael Gould (drums), James Weaver (bass), Brett Lindermann (keyboards) as well as backup singers Brianne Bryrant and Jonathan Bryant. Welshly Arms' musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, The Temptations, Otis Redding, Howlin' Wolf and local Cleveland bands. The band's members have a passion for music, but also for the stage.
      Because on stage, Welshly Arms plays, the pieces follow one another without time out. They propose a dynamic and effective blues-rock, marrying wonderfully with soul/Gospel influences. The Bryrant singers, with their so particular gestures on stage, bring this singular touch of Soul which will not leave indifferent. One will also notice the engaged texts which treat, like "Stand", of the current social context in the United States.
      As singer Sam Getz says: "For each concert, we want to show what we have in our bellies and communicate with the audience. On the records, I hope you can capture the fun we have playing. I want everyone to feel it."
      The band quickly built a solid fan base around the world, especially in Europe. In fact, in addition to 180 million streams for the title "Legendary" alone, the group has played more than 200 concerts including prestigious festivals (Lollapalooza, Reading & Leeds, Rock Am Ring ...). Finally, their music has been used for movie trailers (The D Train, The Dirty Eight), series (Sense8) or advertising (Jeep, NFL, Nascar).
      After such a special year of 2020, the band released a new single in early 2021 called "I Will Overcome" with hopeful lyrics that we need to hear: 
      "In my time of darkness, I'll step into the light, Even when I'm knocked down to my knees, I'll stand up and fight". 
      We can't wait to see Welshly Arms on stage and to vibrate again with them!


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