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      Their universe is as pop as it is colourful, their melodies as catchy as they are danceable, and yet We Three are unrivalled when it comes to talking about serious subjects. With them, everything is experienced with sensitivity. Their lyrics plunge us into the middle of these extreme emotions, between insecurity, mental health and unconditional love. A revolution carried by three brothers and sisters who have an innate gift for raising hairs, bringing tears to the eyes or smiling endlessly. 

      An authenticity and honesty that instantly makes you want to follow them to the ends of the earth on the road to healing and redemption filled with heady rhythms. On a dance floor where everyone could put down their burdens to be tinted with a little of the bright light their music is filled with. Because that is the beauty of We Three. Lyrics that speak to the soul and melodies that liberate.

      An optimism that can't be beaten, carried by a community of fans who were first brought together by social networks before finally being able to take part in this great celebration on stages around the world. A pink and blue universe, straightforward tracks, a polished production, We Three proves that just because you're from TikTok doesn't mean you can't make a good sound. With conviction, they bring together all those who have already found their way or are still looking for it.

      And with their highly infectious melodies, their lyrics that perfectly capture human vulnerability, their tendency to explore urban sounds and their identity that is becoming more refined, it's a road that promises to be beautiful and without pitfalls.



      A boost for the talented trio

      They are two brothers and a sister who, from their hometown of Portland, perform on TikTok to make a living from their passion. But while they already have a committed community, it was their appearance on America's Got Talent that really launched their career. A performance on their song Heaven's Not Too Far Away moved the jury to tears and sent the counters into a frenzy. In a few months, they gained more than 150 million listens on streaming and more than a million followers on social networks. A more than deserved recognition for the trio.


      The joy of living, always!

      In 2020, they signed one of their biggest successes to date. With spoken and rapped lyrics and a catchy chorus, Sara became a phenomenon on social networks, speaking to all the "people who think they're alone, that nobody understands them". Once again, We Three brings together a delicate theme and manages to bring hope out of the darkness. And this is what the trio does brilliantly on their latest album, Happy, whose singles Secrets and Kissin' When We're Mad are once again on the edge of their seats.


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        What a pleasure to go and see We Three tonight! It's been a while since I discovered them and I was captivated by their melodies, their very modern lyrics and their hopeful messages. They are on stage like on their networks, simple, authentic, human. A great time, I hope to see them again very soon!

        Anne after a concert at the café de la danse

        There is truly a perfect chemistry between this trio, who have an exceptional gift for capturing the essence of the human soul and translating it into lyrics that always ring true. But We Three is not dark, no. Their music is brilliant and brings instant comfort, an enveloping sweetness and an unbeatable desire to dance. We really recommend them to all pop fans who want to have an intense feel good moment.

        The pop trio We Three got their chance after their successful appearance on season 13 of America's Got Talent. Since then, the group has revamped its image and has been a force for encouragement and unity, particularly around mental health. With their latest album and feature film Dear Paranoia, Sincerely, Me, they have managed to move beyond their first impressions, while continuing to grow as songwriters and siblings.

        American Songwriter
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