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      Psychedelic doom takes on vintage accents
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      Lock Alice Cooper, the Stooges and Black Sabbath in a cage, give it a good shake and you're sure to get the filthy sound of Uncle Acid's heavy riffs and otherworldly vocals. As doom metal takes hold on the other side of the Atlantic, these four guys from the perfidious Albion resist and spread their wings wide on a heavy sound sprinkled with a pinch of psychedelic metal.


      And even though they're from the promised land of doom, they've gone back to basics and the crushing sounds of the 70s. Using period instruments, this band of nostalgic youngsters recreate that special grain, between a heavy, dusty sound and hypnotic, creative psychedelic gaps. Add to this, on certain albums, a touch of pop, and you've got the magic recipe successfully and consistently deployed by Kevin Starrs, the mysterious magician behind this tangy uncle who's been shaking up crowds for a decade.


      In concert, the frontman, who doesn't hesitate to change his musicians - his famous deadbeats - whenever he feels like it, willingly hides behind his thick head of hair. Far from capturing the spotlight, he embodies the dark universe he's drawing us into. Drugs, violence, sex, intimidation - all the hallmarks of doom are there, echoed by the thundering guitars and pounding drums in the background. With his nasal voice reminiscent of a certain Ozzy, Kevin Starrs is omnipresent on stage and plays with his audience's nerves, unleashing a vintage, surprisingly melodic sound that even purists of the genre will find astonishing.



      Tonton Acide unleashes his psyche

      In 2009, Tonton Acide and his Deadbeats released their first album, Volume 1, which they cobbled together as best they could and which ultimately went almost unnoticed by the general public, but which had the merit of providing them with a little more funding to really reveal themselves. In 2011, it's Blood Lust that finally creates the long-awaited diabolical event, with its psychedelic doom and puns straight from the underworld. The beast is launched!


      In concert with their masters!

      Kevin Starrs and his bandmates released Mind Control in 2013, then hit the road to meet the crowds and make the planet headbang to the sound of their soaring metal. In recognition of their inspiration from the great Black Sabbath, the latter offered them a place alongside them. In all, they played 16 dates in support of these masters of hard rock, in addition to their tour and prestigious festivals such as Hellfest and Download.


      A psychedelic dystopia

      Like an echo of Orwell's 1984, the band leaves serial killers and damnation behind to deliver an album in the shape of a Black Mirror-style dystopia. With Wasteland, they explore futuristic wastelands, pounding out the beat with the heavy sound, seething force and hushed vocals we've come to expect from them. And with his trademark phlegm, Kevin Starrs and his band have established themselves as a new benchmark in the closed world of psychedelic doom.


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        Killer riffs and satanic iconography straight out of the 70s! The guitars are heavy, the sound excellent from the very first notes. It's a pleasure to take part in this hypnotic high mass, which at regular intervals invokes a few demons from the paragon of Black Sabbath.

        Eric after a Hellfest concert

        Uncle Acid have succeeded in reviving the dirty doom metal of the '70s with a 100% psychedelic sound and modern touches of blues, pop or melody. The result: the band appeals to old hands and purists alike, as well as youngsters still hungry for fresh blood! In any case, on stage, Uncle Acid sends us to seventh heaven, if not to the depths of hell, with a captivating, hypnotic sound that only they have the secret to.

        No sooner had the four musicians started their set than we were plunged into the world of the band led by Kevin K.R. Starrs. To the sound of "I See Through You", taken from the aptly named Wasteland, released in 2018, the quartet take us far away. We find ourselves in a gaunt, desolate world, in desperate search of beverages, in a trip as psychedelic as it is soaring. Like a trip to the Rockies on the day after the apocalypse, the sun setting far away on the horizon.

        La Grosse Radio


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