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      Their story is rooted in the origins of the Big Bang and their costumes seem to come straight out of an 80s cartoon. The future in retro mode is their credo. Add a good dose of madness, a sense of celebration that would make the disco years pale, an assumed rock, a completely funk groove and you get TWRP, pronounced "twerp", obviously.

      Hidden under their imposing masks, each member tells his own story. Sometimes it fits, sometimes not. Like when they talk about the mysterious origin of their band, originally called Tupper Ware Remix Party. First words spoken by the drummer when he arrived on Earth? Was it a name chosen at random by the emblematic singer Dr Sung? It's impossible to know. But if there's one thing the members of this completely whimsical band agree on, it's their mission on Earth.

      Because yes, TWRP has set out on an almost endless quest: to wipe out boredom and re-groove the world to bring it eternal pleasure. When you put it like that, it sounds a bit crazy, but when you listen to them, it makes sense. Because the quartet, simply unclassifiable, brings a contagious good mood with its completely assumed retro vibe. The guitars clash in virtuoso riffs, the synthesizer takes all the space and the rhythms pulsate. We find ourselves projected onto a dancefloor where old funk, electro and classic rock converge in a palpably modern science-fiction universe. 

      In concert, these four space travellers play their characters to the full. Synchronised choreographies, stories to sleep on another planet, they embark on their dancing universe with a single guitar chord. A concept as disconcerting as it is delicious, divinely funky and which immediately leaves a smile on the lips and a lasting feeling of feel good in the hearts.



      Alien band lands in Canada

      The story goes that each member of TWRP was selected by Dr. Sung from the far reaches of the universe and that they crashed on Earth in 2007 in Halifax, Canada. Initially the band consisted of the famous doctor on vocals, Havve Hogan on drums, Bombustron on guitar and keyboards and Stone LaChismo on bass. In 2010, they released their first album, Poised to Dominate, but quickly changed their line-up to include Lord Phobos on guitar and Commander Meouch on bass. The adventure can really begin.


      The intergalactic brigade conquers the Earth

      It seems that even for immortal aliens, the path is not always clear on the blue planet. From 2015 onwards, these merrymakers have been rising in popularity, especially thanks to their collaborations with Ninja Sex Party. In 2018, they had their biggest success, at least on Earth, with the album Together Trough Time, the cover of which, as usual, shows a glossy neo-retro universe. Starlight Brigade, their rock and funk single, received tens of millions of views on streaming and the public finally appreciated this crazy band at its true value during the tours that followed.


      Can you hear that distant whisper?

      The releases accelerate for the space band with Return to Wherever in 2019, Over the Top in 2020 and New & Improved in 2021. Just before the pandemic, they finish their tour with The Protomen before returning to the studio. The result? A new single entitled Have You Heard? whose sounds and the rightly used synthesizer take us further and further into the heavens. And as connoisseurs of TWRP, we can't wait to hear more!


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        It's really one of the best shows I've ever been to. A crazy energy, a completely offbeat universe. We danced as much as we laughed out loud and even if these four guys know how to joke, they are still accomplished musicians. Their mastery remains impressive and so does this way of making something new out of something old! Truly genius!

        Adele after a concert in London

        This is a band that's completely crazy but that we've loved for a long time. Few bands know how to come up with such a strong and crazy concept without losing sight of their music, and TWRP rise to the challenge with flying colours. Their costumes and stagecraft cannot be ignored, but that doesn't detract from their virtuosity and creativity in mixing 70s and 80s sounds and projecting them into the 2020s. If they didn't exist, we wouldn't know how to invent them and life would probably be sadder.

        This new album feels like the future laser-tipped retro katana of the funky sound waves the band have been building towards since the release of their equally upbeat and groovy Ladyworld album in 2017. A hard band to put into one category - TWRP are that well known for their use of the talk box and synthesiser, as well as being the funkiest quartet on digital radio today.

        Cut It Out Mag
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