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      For seven years he was the host of the iconic Daily Show in the US. But all good things must come to an end and comedian Trevor Noah is returning to his first love: stand-up comedy! Always with audacity and accuracy, he is the only comedian to tackle cultural differences, colonisation or simply living together, without falling into clichés and always making his audience die laughing.

      A talent that he also draws from his personal history and his trajectory that defies the laws of gravity. Born of a forbidden relationship between a black woman and a white man under Apartheid, he lived his first years in hiding, then under segregation, before having to flee to the United States because of the violence of his stepfather. A turbulent life from which he draws inspiration for his shows, with resilience and, above all, a nice dose of self-mockery.

      Because if Trevor Noah describes culture clashes like no one else, it's because he has a message to get across: one point of view is not unique. And if the death of the Queen of England sounds like a tragedy for the English, he reminds us that the Africans would like to see their diamonds buried with her. These shows make you laugh a lot, put things into perspective a little, and think a lot. This is the strength of this comedian who has already conquered the entire planet.

      From London to Mumbai, from Los Angeles to Paris, the world is clamoring for her. A Grammy Awards presenter for the past three years, with three shows on Netflix to his credit, he has the gift of bringing people together despite their differences, and ultimately bringing a message of tolerance that puts smiles on people's faces. As he says himself, "I want to share with the audience the idea that we can have more grace for each other and that we can understand that people can make mistakes". And from the howls of laughter and the reflections at the end of the show, the mission seems to have been accomplished.



      Humour against all odds

      Despite a turbulent youth, young Trevor Noah knows exactly what he wants to do in life: hear his audience's laughter while subtly making them think. He presented his first one-man show in Johannesburg, South Africa. It took him a few more years to reach Europe and perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he made a notable appearance. Then to the UK and the US, where he became the first African comedian to successfully cross the threshold of The Tonight Show.


      The Daily Show

      He joined the team of the famous Daily Show, broadcast on the Comedy Central channel, the previous year. And when the channel was looking for a successor to Jon Stewart, who had been in place for more than 15 years, it was on the sharp humour of Trevor Noah that it was betting on to decipher current events under President Trump. For seven years, the comedian will regale Americans every night, gaining fame far beyond the borders of his adopted country.


      Back on the road

      "When all the mountains and valleys are gone, when everything else in my career is gone, the last thing I want to do on this planet is stand-up". At least things are clear in the mind of the comedian who is leaving the routine of TV shows to hit the road again with a new show. Off the Record is the name of his new tour, which is scheduled to take place in the United States before heading out to the four corners of the world. And there's no doubt that the sharp-tongued artist has a few more epic punchlines in store for us!


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        A show to die for! Trevor Noah doesn't seem to be holding back. Everyone's cultural quirks are finely dissected. We laugh but we don't laugh at ourselves. From beginning to end, it's fair, it's topical and, above all, it's hilarious.  

        Serge after a show in Amsterdam

        In the end, Trevor Noah is a bit of a rock star, as he makes fun of codes to tackle issues in his shows that others would hardly dare to raise. Cultural differences or racial identity are always tackled with impertinence and sensitivity, while we laugh our heads off at his imitations of Trump or Jacob Zuma. There is no doubt that we are looking at one of the best comedians of his generation!

        As fans of his Daily Show monologues might expect, Noah is at his most forceful when he explores the bigger issues. He probes the absurdity of some things done in the name of freedom: the French niqab ban, American gun ownership and the mask protest [...] He sometimes relies on clichés, but Noah is a master of classic stand-up and seduces in the best possible way.

        The Guardian
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