The Very Best of John Williams

      The Very Best of John Williams

      Philharmonic orchestra for film legend
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      It's a world where dinosaurs mingle with wizards, where spaceships fly over war zones, where great explorers meet superheroes. A world of enchanting, sparkling and distressing sound images. A world where, from the very first notes, you recognize a universe, an atmosphere, a character. A fantastic and hectic world that knows only one conductor, the legendary John Williams.

      The composer with 5 Oscars, 4 Golden Globes and 24 Grammys, who has become a reference in the world of cinema, knows better than anyone how to capture the essence of a story and bring his sensitivity to it. With him, music does not simply accompany the images, to be the blank canvas on which the story can be written. No, it supports, it nuances, it brings depth, emotions and a new light.

      For the general public, it is impossible to miss this genius of film music. And even without knowing his name, everyone has heard his songs at least once. From the famous Indiana Jones theme to the leitmotifs of Star Wars, not forgetting such classics as Schindler's List, E.T., Jurassic Park and, more recently, the Harry Potter and Superman saga, John Williams is a box-office hit with each new creation. Better still, his compositions become inseparable from their films, recognisable from the first notes, as if they were an integral part of the film.

      He also draws on the strength of his palette of instruments, which is as varied as the worlds it represents. The man who also composes classical music relies on all bodies, from string instruments to winds, brass, percussion, piano and choirs. And that is certainly why his timeless music is so well suited to concerts. Recently, conductor Matthias G. Kendlinger has taken on this great maestro with the K&K Orchestra 'Made in Austria'. A show that spans half a century of film career and plunges both feet forward into the fascinating world of John Williams.



      The first of many

      John Williams was born into music. By the age of 15 he had his own jazz band and by 19 he had written his first work, a piano sonata. When he arrived in Hollywood, it was as a studio pianist that he worked for television. At the end of the 1950s, he turned to the cinema and moved on to more ambitious projects. In 1972, he wrote the music for Fiddler on the Roof and won his first Oscar. An award that almost became a habit for the composer, who won five in total and was nominated 52 times, making him the most nominated person after Walt Disney. 


      From Spielberg to a galaxy far, far away

      The genius of John Williams reaches the ears of a certain Steven Spielberg. Between the composer and the director, artistic love at first sight is immediate. Jaws won him his second Oscar and the collaboration produced some absolutely marvellous nuggets, from Indiana Jones to Jurassic Park and the sublime soundtrack to E.T. the Extraterrestrial. It was Spielberg who pushed George Lucas to collaborate with the composer for the mythical Star Wars saga. John Williams displayed all his talent there, using musical leitmotifs with grandeur. From the very first notes, and without even needing images, the audience knows whether the light or dark side of the force is going to appear on the screen.


      Wizard's school

      When you capture the essence of a film as well as John Williams does, it doesn't matter what time period or storyline it is. And the composer who had his heyday before the 2000s is not resting on his laurels. For the first three Harry Potter films, he wrote a mysterious, intrepid and sometimes darker soundtrack that perfectly embodied this half-worried, half-angry universe. Prolific, he continued his collaborations with Spielberg in the 2000s, signing the soundtracks of Minority Report, War of the Worlds and War Horse.


      Film music for classical orchestra

      If his music lends itself so well to orchestras, it's because John Williams writes it almost for them. And if his titles were not often played on stage before, the arrival of a new generation of conductors who have been exposed to his music is changing the situation. Young conductors are taking over his work and bringing it to the stage, in front of an audience of music-loving moviegoers. In France, Matthias G. Kendlinger and his philharmonic orchestra embarked on a tour in 2022 to rediscover this emblematic music and take the public on a journey from starry skies to the depths of the oceans, from wild jungles to fantastic worlds.


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        An exceptional concert that allows you to see unforgettable classics such as Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Superman and Star Wars all in one evening! The orchestra performs the composer's most famous songs to perfection and puts us right in the middle of the action. By closing our eyes, the mythical scenes of the cinema are replayed before us. A superb show for a great composer.

        Alain after a concert in Tours

        If there is one composer that the whole world knows, it is John Williams. His work is timeless, universal and tells stories beyond the images. With this concert, we are plunged with delight into completely different film universes with, as a common thread, the delicate or brutal emotions described by this master of film music and delivered by a philharmonic orchestra in great form.

        Tatata taaa tata taaa, that's him. Without doubt his best-known music, along with ta taa tatatata taaa. Two scores, for two films: Raiders of the Lost Ark, with a certain Indiana Jones, and Star Wars, with Darth Vader and his black helmet. His work as a composer has earned him 48 Oscar nominations. He has won the statuette five times, including for Jaws and E.T.



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