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      For 30 years now, they've been pumping out their good vibes and getting the whole planet up and dancing to their jealously guarded secret rhythms. The Mavericks are a storm of genres. A group that's not afraid to delve into America's roots, combining country, merengue, rock'n'roll and a hint of Cuban jazz. It's as if Hank Williams had been invited to dance the salsa with Carlos Santana on a Broadway stage. It's precise, it's full of energy and it's always a delight to listen to.


      The conductor of this quartet, which never shies away from additional musicians, is the legendary Raul Malo, whose voice transports us in a few notes from the smoke-filled halls of Havana to those of Tennessee, from Mexico City to his native Florida. A timbre made for singing about the world, unencumbered by borders, and delivering universal emotions in a joyous, irresistible trance that recalls the great hours of country and Latin music, sometimes spilling over into a ska that would get even the least dancers among us moving.


      Of course, it's on stage that the band expresses itself best, veritable alchemists with colorful dandy looks and gold chain extras. Clearly, for the past 30 years, they've been more than just another band. They're that musical experiment that shakes the dust of American deserts and the colors of Latin rhythms in a shaker to produce a spicy cocktail that's always surprising. The pulse of the world in a single note, as it were.



      The revolution is on its way

      In the heart of the 80s, in Miami, Raúl Malo, Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin joined forces to form The Mavericks. They were later joined by current members Eddie Perez and McFadden. Little did they know that they would revolutionize the music scene with their unique blend of country, Tex-Mex and rockabilly, but this year marks the beginning of what promises to be an epic adventure


      Top of the world

      The 90s were a period of success for the band. In 1994, their third album, What a Crying Shame, was released and became a commercial success. With singles like the eponymous O What a Thrill, the album propelled the band to the forefront of the country music scene. Everywhere, their reputation precedes these geniuses of a melting pot as innovative as it is catchy. Their sheer talent was rewarded with back-to-back Grammy Awards for Best Country Performance and Best Country Album for Music for All Occasions.


      A triumphal return

      It's a musical resurrection that audiences the world over have been eagerly awaiting. After a ten-year hiatus, The Mavericks have finally reformed, proving that they still know how to mix genres with audacity. With In Time, the now quartet show that they have lost none of their energy or originality. By "incorporating not only the Tex-Mex and Cuban influences for which the band was known, but also the rhythms of polkas and tangos", the band takes things to a whole new level.


      Travelling south

      It's not the first time Malo has written songs in Spanish, but it's the first time they've done an entire album. With influences from Mexico, Cuba and Argentina, this time the band emphasizes its deep roots. But whatever the language, The Mavericks have once again crafted this album adventurously, with "heart and skill", and that's what they've always done best.This isn't the first time Malo has written songs in Spanish, but it is the first time he's done an entire album of them. Influenced by Mexican, Cuban and Argentinian influences, this time around, the band emphasizes its deep roots. But whatever the language, The Mavericks have once again crafted this album adventurously, with "heart and skill", and that's what they've always done best


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        It's truly one of the best live experiences I've ever had. The Mavericks clearly have a staggering amount of energy, but above all they have a mad desire and a sound halfway between the two Americas that instantly makes you want to get your groove on. The audience was literally crazy, and I spent three unforgettable hours there.

        Julian after a concert

        The Mavericks is a band we really wanted to produce in France. Well-known on the other side of the Atlantic, their European appearances are far too few and far between. We're looking forward to their journey between Cuban and country music, between salsa and rock'n'roll, and to the unique style they always deliver on stage. Don't miss this great moment!

        Like the band, Mavericks fans are a mix of Anglos and Latinos. In terms of age, they range from teenagers to senior citizens - the result, says Malo, of the band's many artistic influences. "We realized years ago that if we wanted to succeed, it had to be in our own way, without denying who we are, with all our diversity," he says.

        Houston Chronicle
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