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      Pop renaissance of a jazzwoman
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      The world knew her as a jazz singer, with her signature shiny lipstick, diva voice and swing that would make the masters of the genre pale in comparison. But after having shone on the biggest stages, Caro Emerald launches her new project The Jordan, a natural, trip-hop version whose sensitivity and finesse always touch the heart.

      "The freedom of starting with a new name is huge [...] but I didn't want to become someone else, I just wanted to be me", explains the singer. It's a quest for truth that this artist with a golden voice tells us with raw frankness. This voice becomes purer, more powerful, more bewitching and adds to the mystery when it is carried by these new trip-hop or folktronic sounds, far from the codified universe we know.

      Her themes also reveal her. With questions of identity, new beginnings, determination and courage, one can feel the feverish creativity that has taken hold of the singer who does not hide her influences: Portishead, with whom she collaborated on her first album, for their incredible sound, Billie Eilish for her audacity and artistic talent. The result is stunning, the quasi-spiritual atmosphere and the piano melodies sublimate the luminescent voice of The Jordan. 

      Even before the release of her first album, the Dutch artist has been creating anticipation with tracks distilled down to a trickle on the music streaming platforms. And in this new, raw authenticity, there is no doubt that her solo adventure is only just beginning.



      A mystery artist charms the internet

      In May 2022, two intriguing songs were released by an artist whose name is not known but who, in a few days, reached more than 500,000 listens on streaming platforms. The voice behind You Don't Even Know me and Naked In The Sun is quickly revealed: the jazz singer Caro Emerald announces her revival far from her favourite style but as close as possible to her truth. She no longer recognises herself in her original band, and "less and less linked to that lady with the red lipstick and the evening dress" reveals herself without a trace in an enchanting trip-hop. 


      First album for the revelation The Jordan

      In revealing her identity, the singer also announces the name of her first album. Nowhere Near The Sky tells the story of the rebirth of this powerful and ethereal voice in a pop style that invites reverie. It is produced by David Kosten and Eg White with the help of Adrian Utley, famous guitarist of Portishead.


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        What a wonderful comeback! After years off the radar, I am back with Caro Emerald as The Jordan, confirming with these few new songs that she is indeed the most beautiful voice in the Netherlands. Her solo work is truly breathtakingly beautiful and I can't wait to see her live again.


        We loved her in her jazzwoman costume, and we're now passionate about her open-heartedness, her heartfelt lyrics and her bewitching solo voice. The Jordan has been slow to take Caroline's place, but it's definitely for the best and we can't wait for her devastatingly pure trip-hop to make the stages of Europe and France resound!

        Caroline van der Leeuw, better known as the singer Caro Emerald, is making her return to music. The 41-year-old artist says she wants to leave the Caro Emerald repertoire behind and devote herself fully to her new project, the alternative band The Jordan.
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