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      In seven years of existence, THE CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB has managed to impose a sound, a style and a name. With four studio albums and two live albums to their credit, crisscrossing stages, festivals and continents, the seven Franco-Irish musicians continue to refine their elegant and daring reinterpretation of the Celtic music tradition, shaken up with rock energy, pop harmony and folk melody.


      Quite a journey for this group that was supposed to be, in July 2014, only a one-shot creation at the Vieilles Charrues festival... Energy, desire and freshness will have been the strongest for this meeting of adventurers, gathered around a name, THE CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB, and a simple artistic program: to advance the traditional Celtic music (Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Asturias) by rubbing them with rock, pop, folk and groove.


      Organized as a real stage commando, the collective plays a lot in Europe, flies to Asia, then to the United States, with notably an emblematic date in Central Park, NYC. Then they set out to conquer the United Kingdom, which is not very indulgent towards "Frenchy" groups. If the Pogues and the Clash have often been quoted to try to summarize this energetic and ambitious musical mash-up, the band has gradually found its marks and its stability, to the point of making references and comparisons obsolete today.


      With their fourth album, DANCING OR DYING ? released on October 8, 2021, backed by the exceptional voice of their Irish singer, Dan Donnelly, Manu Masko, Ronan Le Bars, Goulven Hamel, Pierre Stephan, Mathieu Péqueriau and Richard Puaud have ambition to spare. And a formidable scenic commitment to assert their position of challenger!

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