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      In 2011, a legend passed away to join the mythical Cobain, Morrison, Hendrix or Joplin. Like them, in just a few years, and with a soulfulness that Ray Charles himself would have endorsed, Amy Winehouse left her mark on the world. 

      The fairies had certainly bent over her cradle to give her this unique voice, this completely modern sense of jazz, this killer groove, this quasi-animal instinct and this skin-deep sensitivity. In a world dominated by glittering, choreographed pop, she has distinguished herself with a vintage sound coupled with a biting narrative. All wrapped up in a raw, unvarnished honesty. More than a decade later, musicians of all stripes are still trying to parse the work of this tortured diva, perhaps hoping to get to the quarter of her talent. And critics wonder about her immense, bewitching, almost impenetrable legacy.

      The answer may lie with those who were close to the legend. Those who, both in the studio and on stage, have managed to sublimate what the jazzwoman had already brought to the fore. But her musicians are not ready to give up their secrets. On the contrary, they are guarding them preciously in order to bring this incomparable artist back to life for a concert. In 2021, ten years after the star's death, they decide to offer him a new tour and go back on the road to play the compositions that gave a breath of rebel hope to the inhabitants of this planet.

      A crazy project and a unique show led by Dale Davis, musical director, bass player and lifelong friend of the singer. For one evening, it is her timeless sound that we find again, a soulfulness to make hearts tremble, a jazz groove from another planet. And while Bronte Shande on the mic can't make you forget the diva, she carries her legacy with strength and elegance, getting as close as possible to an artist who marked her era. For music journalist Chris Welch, this is simply "the most authentic Amy Winehouse retrospective I've ever heard".



      Ten years later, a vibrant tribute

      In 2011, Amy Winehouse joined the infamous club of 27 and the world lost a soul and jazz diva who had never been equalled. Ten years later, her musicians have decided to overcome their grief to revive the woman many consider to be the greatest artist of her generation. For Dale Davis, "Her musical legacy is so important, and with Forever Amy we want to keep it alive around the world". From Frank to Back to Black, a moving journey and a celebration to relive the incredible discography of this iconic singer in music.


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        I had never seen Amy Winehouse live and as a lifelong fan, I couldn't miss this concert with her original band. All the great classics were played and, even if the singer is not Amy, she plunged me back into her world of pure emotion, soul and jazz to the point of tears. A moment out of time to touch the universe of this artist that I adore.

        Laetitia after a concert at La Maroquinerie.

        It is a unique and emotional experience to stand in front of the musicians, to take your place between Amy Winehouse's fans. Closing your eyes, you could almost be back in the 2000s. Nothing will replace this beloved artist, but her original band brings her work to life with humility and hearing her songs live again with this quality is truly heartwarming.

        The idea for this tribute band came from Dales Davis, Winehouse's ex-bassist and musical director. The musician brought along his former bandmates in this retrospective tribute project to the soul diva. And so the late artist's original band has been reunited.

        Rock & Folk
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