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      Founded in 2017 in the midst of a heat wave, Süeür has retained from its origins the aridity of its thorny breaks and the extreme emotional charges of its synthetic layers. Théo Cholbi pushes the boundaries, delivering a grunge-rap opera with complex orchestrations, clearing the less traveled territories of French music. 


      For a while, Süeür was dormant during the pandemic, but he took the time to refine his formula: taking back the post-punk belted with drum'n'bass excess of a first delivery released in 2020, the author and composer clarifies the shot by bringing in new flavors, mixing rap, electronic and rock music, disturbing spoken words and almost pop choruses in the service of new disconcerting but coherent, racy and very personal sounds.


      The text is precise and the word dark. The underside of a musical culture XXL of the author telescopes here in a whole of image, sound and sense, under the fires of synthetic layers bristling with abrasive breaks. We can hear the heavy loads of Wu-Tang as well as the creepy pop of Joy Division, the bet was risky but the result is worth it, building between the speakers a unique musical universe that didn't exist before Süeür.   


      It is partly with Prinzly, a producer and director known for his work with Damso, Hamza or Bonnie Banane, that they are in charge of the final assembly of these outrageous architectures in a hypersonic journey. Süeür, flirting with the rap but sometimes with the pop, with the rock or the cold-wave, stretching to the infinity of quasi-cinematographic atmospheres. It is not by chance : when he is not in the studio, Théo develops his acting career with Larry Clark, Katell Quilévéré, Phillippe Faucon, Dominik Moll, and others...

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