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      This is the story of a man from the shadows who, little by little, placed himself in the light to dazzle us with his talent. A hidden and gentle flame, of the kind that we take pleasure in contemplating on a winter's evening, accompanied by a melody played on the piano that would remind us of our deepest and simplest feelings.

      Stephan Moccio makes no secret of the fact that he has never sought the glitter of the spotlight. He prefers the introspection and sensitivity that his instrument brings him. He says that it is like a therapy that finds its source in what surrounds him. Because what inspires him, what gives each of his notes their essence, is life in all its diversity, the human condition, the fears, joys and doubts of each of us.

      If he creates as he breathes, he has long written for great artists such as Céline Dion, Miley Cyrus or The Weeknd. And while there was no doubt that this slender brunette with a crazy mane would make a career in music, no one could have predicted that he would become one of the most refined and sought-after pop composers on the planet.

      But it would have been wrong for such an artist to remain solely in the service of others when he can melt hearts with his pure poetry. "I wanted to do things that I believed in 100% and that were authentically me [...] I wanted control of the art" he says. And the result is spectacular. Each of his albums brings back a nostalgic lull, a saving withdrawal, a forgotten tenderness. What he wants is to touch people, to bring out their emotions, and for that, his talent is unequalled.



      In the land of the maple trees

      Coming from a line of pianists, music literally runs in young Stephan's blood. By the age of 10, he was already winning competitions and in his early twenties, he signed a publishing contract with Sony while playing in Toronto clubs and hotels. He soon began composing for Canadian artists, met Céline Dion and became a household name in his home country.


      In a new light

      The consecration of this pianist with golden fingers came in 2002, when he collaborated with Céline Dion on her global hit A New Day Has Come. In one fell swoop, he became an international songwriter, and will continue to do so with all the talent he is known for. Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd, Avril Lavigne, Fergie and Sarah Brightman, the world's top pop stars are now keen to collaborate with this sensitive hitmaker.


      Olympic artist

      At the age of 15, he was watching the Calgary Olympics with a promise to himself. To become the composer of the next Games in Canada. And Stephan Moccio is a man of his word. In 2010, he played J'imagine / I Believe during the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Games in front of thousands of people. Another triumph for this great man who has nothing left to prove.


      Back to the basics

      While collaborating again with Céline Dion, the prodigy, whose music has never aged, feels the need to return to more simplicity. Obviously, this brings him back to his piano and to albums in the form of refuges, real bubbles of peace against the torments of the outside world. The latest, Lionheart, effortlessly conveys the personal and moving melodies that are the soul of Stephan Moccio.

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        Stephan Moccio's concert was a gentle interlude, a moment suspended to the rhythm of his compositions. He definitely knows how to tell stories and you sometimes find yourself smiling as you rediscover a pop song from his piano. A great concert.

        Maxime, after a concert in Quebec City.

        Stephan Moccio is a paradox. That of being one of the greatest international songwriters of his generation, while remaining confidential. When we discover him naked, at the piano, emotions run through us and transcend us. We forget that we are looking at an immense man to share a moment in all simplicity. For these unique moments, we are always impatient to welcome him in France.

        He's a man of many talents and he masters them all to perfection. And all his talents invariably lead back to music. Songwriter, pianist and musician Stephan Moccio is at the highest possible level of authenticity in writing, composing, producing and performing.

        The Shortlisted
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