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      In today's chaotic climate, the discovery of exciting and daring music has become more important than ever. In this context, the emergence of French non-conformists STENGAH could not have come at a better time. Ranked among the most exciting bands of the moment, the Lille-based quintet spent their early years in patient gestation, arming themselves with some of the most visceral and innovative riff structures and choruses we've ever heard.

      Founded by drummer Eliott Williame in 2013, STENGAH has the spirit and ambition to elevate heavy music ever higher. After years of constant progression and meticulous attention to every detail of the project, the Lille-based band - completed by bassist Benoit Creteur, guitarists Max Delassus and Alex Orta, as well as charismatic frontman Nicolas Queste - have honed their repertoire to the point of perfection, and demonstrates this on its upcoming debut album SOMA / SEMA.
      From the muscular, fun-loving silhouette of Post-Djent to the flayed world of spectacular Post-Metal, these young virtuosos carve a unique path to what Metal is known for. Passionately primal and fiercely intelligent, this is music that aspires to illuminate and brutalize together! 


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