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      He is one of those who are building the future of the rap scene in France. His name: S.Pri Noir. No surprise to see him there, because this friend of Nefkeu has already shown that he can be counted on to give a hard time to a world that is turning upside down. In a mined flow of punchlines, he thus asserts a conquering spirit.

      He says he started music just to see. Malick Mendosa, alias S.Pri Noir, is basically a kid like any other, the son of a Senegalese mother and a Guinean father. But by dint of sharpening his flow, hanging out in Paris and rubbing shoulders with the top of the class, Nefkeu and Disiz on the front line, the young French MC has found the parade to stand out from the crowd: a well-crafted rap without complexes, which gets its inspiration from books, including Frantz Fanon's book, Peau noire, masques blancs (Black Skin, White Masks).

      It swings on a systemic racist, the domination of finance, the political class. In short, S.Pri Noir, a fashion icon, thinks in open words. He doesn't hide behind ready-made formulas or metaphors that get lost in the shuffle. Here, it's frank, direct, as if to better introduce us to his hybrid and futuristic universe. Punchline after punchline, he thus becomes the reflection of a certain youth, one that asks itself questions, but above all provides many answers.

      He is as poetic as he is political, S.Pri Noir, never forgetting his origins and sometimes even going as far as banging his fist on the table when he evokes France's colonial past. That's his leitmotiv: to say loud and clear what he thinks, in unarmed combat mode, who prefers words to guns to settle his scores with a society with multiple flaws. His sufferings, his anger and his hopes: as soon as he releases his rap, many take it for granted.



      The entrance to the courtyard of the rap

      When he joined the collective L'Institut du 75, S.Pri Noir, the stage name taken from his pseudonym MSN, a popular messaging service at the time, but totally buried today, made its debut on stage. He already has the flow going well. Thus, alongside Jarod and Dr Beriz, the man from the Fougères districts is doing his scales in his corner, and it goes well.


      His talent dazzles the insiders

      Committed as ever not to forget the crimes of colonialism, S.Pri Noir is invited to put his flow on the track Marche. He is then the newcomer in the middle of a panel of well-known artists, including Nekfeu, Disiz, Soprano and Akhenaton. It was the beginning of a glorious era for the young rapper.


      S.Pri Black makes the difference

      With his first record - Masque Blanc - S.Pri Noir affirms a state of mind. The world of rap takes a slap in the face, so much so that each track, each word, each flow, is a spark of talent. Inspired by Frantz Fanon's book, Peau noire, masques blancs (Black Skin, White Masks), he hits without hiding on a society and a past that sometimes makes him red with rage. For the occasion, Nekfeu comes to lay his voice on the title Juste pour voir.


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        S.Pri Noir is one of those committed rappers who want to contribute, by force of circumstance, to changing mentalities, and by definition, our society. With his impeccable flow, he asserts his convictions, and that's what we like: a frank necklace artist who never chews his words. So on stage, we might as well tell you that it's moving and that he never spares the high-ranking officers of this world.

        His rap, like his aesthetics, is tinged with a darkness that coexists with the luminosity of his approach. Radiant on stage, the rapper is just as capable of delivering a light ego trip as he is of laying a thick veil over his music, depicting the daily life of a precarious youth, the emptiness of political actions but also the ambient and systemic racism. 



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        Boulogne Billancourt
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