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      He was inducted into the Walk of Game alongside his contemporaries Link and Mario. He has marked generations of gamers and sold over 70 million copies worldwide. His career spans more than 30 years, with no end in sight. This is Sonic, the most famous (and certainly the only!) blue hedgehog. A character invented by Sega, he returns in music to tell his story, from the 90s to the present day, backed by a symphony orchestra and a thunderous rock band.


      For two hours, the entire saga is played. The first perfectly regressive 8- and 16-bit tunes are masterfully covered by the orchestra, once again giving aficionados a cold sweat, and bringing back delicious memories on the game's haunting opening track, Green Hill Zone.


      A musical spectacle, but also a visual one. Following the symbolic music of the different eras through which the little prickly ball has passed, extracts of gameplays and emblematic levels from each opus are projected. It's a nostalgic trip back to childhood, and makes you want to go and resurrect the console that's been gathering dust for years!


      But Sonic is more than just a video game. His adventures have continued in movie theaters, and it's almost a second epic, complete with an angry rock band, that brings the show to a close, reminding us that despite his age, the legendary blue hedgehog continues to make his mark on the world.




      Sonic turns 30 !

      30 years and still not a wrinkle! To mark this exceptional longevity, Sega is pulling out all the stops and organizing a series of events, including a two-hour concert featuring Sonic's musical themes, from its beginnings to the movie released earlier this year. Broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch, it's a huge success, attracting thousands of fans worldwide. In 2022, the concert was presented live at the Brazil Game Show, and still generates the same enthusiastic response.



      Symphony for a famous hedgehog

      In response to the worldwide excitement, Sega launched the Sonic Symphony World Tour to bring the music of the famous blue hedgehog closer to its audience. But for fans of the video game and beyond, the symphonic performance is captivating, transforming 8- and 16-bit titles into philharmonic feats, mixing classical and rock in a smashing second half. A tour for fans of the genre and classical music alike!

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