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      A sound as aggressive as it is cathartic, choruses in the form of melodic anthems, tortuous verses and albums that mix genres. To those who would like to pigeonhole them, Sinedown answers "we're just a rock'n roll band". Nothing more, but nothing less. Because with their catchy songs, their sense of riff and their increasingly committed concept albums, the four friends have conquered the world with thousands of albums sold.

      On stage, it's raw, it's pure and against a black background, Brent Smith certainly imagines himself as a furious rock dandy, swinging his vocal parts with a power that would make many swoon. Behind him, Barry Kerch on drums twirls his sticks, smashing his drums to perfection, brimming with an energy that makes him stand up like a beautiful devil between each track. And it's not their suit jackets or tight leathers that will prevent Eric Bass or Zach Myers from taking the stage to deliver their best lines and solos that the God of Thunder himself wouldn't deny.

      If you take a step back, the show is fascinating. It's as if these four have totally forgotten their way to deliver ever more committed lyrics on a rock of pure melodies that speak to the hearts and lift the souls, bringing a touch of melancholy and a raging energy to lift the dreams of greatness. An authentic rock, in which one cannot help but detect hard, and even grunge influences, whose honesty is felt 100%, in the words as in the notes.



      An explosive whisper

      Shinedown was formed in 2001 and the following year the band signed to Atlantic Records. A lightning deal that foreshadowed what was to come. In 2003, their first album, Leave a Whisper, hit the charts. The Americans discovered the quartet's big sound and their gift for grandiloquent flights of fancy, and the album went platinum. This success was no fluke. Two years later, their single Save Me topped the Active Rock charts for 12 weeks in a row.


      Shinedown drives the world crazy

      With their third album, The Sound of Madness, Shinedown have established themselves as the post-grunge rock band the world has been waiting for. Their single, Devour, reached number one on every rock chart when Second Chance reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming their biggest hit. Across America, Shinedown resonates as a game opener while their powerful hits rock the radio waves. Gradually, the band reached European ears, with a tour that, for the first time, played at the Nouveau Casino in Paris.


      Always more committed, always more rock

      Since their revelation, Shinedown has been making albums and touring. From small European venues, they have moved on to the biggest festivals, with a notable appearance on the main stage of Hellfest 2022. That year, they also released a new rock gem. After Attention Attention, which called for introspection, Planet Zero is a new album in the form of a concept, depicting a world "with zero common sense, zero responsibility, zero tolerance". A cry from the heart that once again makes their guitars roar to the sound of Brent Smith's intense and inimitable voice.


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        An epic concert! It was incredibly hot, but Shinedown still managed to fire up the crowd a bit more. A set of insane energy, which grew in intensity as the songs went on to create a completely electric atmosphere. It was the first time I saw them live, but certainly not the last.

        Paula after a concert at Hellfest

        Shinedown is a powerhouse of rock that sucks up our dreams of greatness and commitment and translates them into songs that kick ass as much as they liberate. On stage, Brent Smith's vocals are impressive, while the raw energy of his bandmates is unleashed around him. Modern rock, a little bit dithyrambic, as we love it!

        Since their first appearance in Jacksonville, Florida, as a somewhat indistinct post-grunge proposition, Shinedown has drawn deeply from their Southern roots and hard rock influences to find their own style. [...] Now completely comfortable with their modernized version of traditional hard rock templates, and complemented by guitarist Zach Myers and bassist Eric Bass, the quartet has enjoyed continued success.



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