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      He is one of the great voices of our time. Seal, a contemporary soul icon with a pop feel, seems to explore unattainable territory as soon as he subtly shakes his vocal chords. Is this the secret of his longevity? Without a doubt.

      His face bears the stigma of lupus. But today, he has contracted a much more powerful virus: the love of music. Melodies come to him almost naturally, his voice is a blessed gift from the gods and his discography reflects rarity like a rough diamond. For far from the Westminster clubs he once roamed, Seal has used his hidden and apparent sufferings to imagine timeless sounds, robust enough to carry a vocal performance that has no equal.

      Is it the blue of the horizon that inspires him? Or the warm sand of Malibu, where he spends most of his time admiring the ocean? It doesn't matter. In any case, Seal always knows how to find the words, the notes and the voice to sculpt the infinitely great, or at least the infinitely beautiful. He gives soul a soul, splendour to pop and even dares to go into the studio with great men - including Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald or Ray Charles - to revisit jazz-swing standards.

      He is everywhere, Seal, always supported by his mentor, Trevor Horn. His signature is his voice, but from there, he dares to break free from styles that are too compartmentalized, as if he were sailing the divergent waves of music. He embodies a luminous darkness, a gentle power: in short, a kind of magnificent and timeless paradox that places him among the greatest in the world.



      Seal comes out of the shadows

      With his first album, Seal stands out with his classy soul-pop, mantra keyboard and melancholic voice. The rising star even makes a splash on FM with the magnificent single Crazy, produced by his lifelong master, Trevor Horn. Since then, a few music greats have covered this track, including Alanis Morissette.


      A beautiful collaboration with Mylène Farmer

      After two more discreet albums, Seal is coming back with the album Seal IV. For the occasion, he knows how to surround himself, with Madonna, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Mylène Farmer around. Moreover, in France, the single Les mots met with great success, putting the English artist back on track.


      The pinnacle of a career

      Released in November, Soul is a real commercial hit. For the occasion, the English artist covers eleven standards of soul music. It revisits the classics of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Steven Cropper. The whole world is falling under the spell of this musical marvel. By the way, did you know that his cover of A Change Is Gonna Come was used by Barack Obama for his presidential campaign?


      In the land of jazz

      He has always been a faithful admirer of the great jazzmen. But this time, as a spectator, he becomes an actor, inviting modern music legends such as Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles into the studio. From now on, it's a sure thing: Seal, with his deep voice, hangs out in the court of the greats!


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        He is a wonderful artist that I have been following for years. And when I go to see him in concert, I am never disappointed. He is professional, charismatic, and knows how to play with his extraordinary voice to give us chills. It's a beautiful trip to the land of emotions that he offers us. 

        Mireille, after a concert in Paris

        Seal is often spoken of for the grandeur of his voice, and it is understandable, so deep and sublimely melancholy. But to sum it up in that way would be reductive. For he is much more than that: he is a complete, sensitive and charismatic artist who knows how to galvanise our emotions in no time at all. On stage, it's always a beautiful moment!

        Great songs and a great voice. This simple, yet unstoppable equation had allowed Seal to achieve his greatest and most unexpected success in France. And recently, the British artist has once again set the bar high by only covering famous jazz songs. 

        Le Parisien


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