Ringo Starr and his All Star Band

      Ringo Starr and his All Star Band

      Beatlemania is never far away
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      Jean, basketball: when Ringo enters the ring, only love and peace rain down. Life is a party, so the British drummer, always inclined to lay his voice on the pop of the sixties, maintains his smile with a free and euphoric kid's energy.

      At what age do you grow old? That's the question you can ask yourself when you see the ever young and sparkling Ringo Starr on stage, sun glasses smoked over his eyes. The fourth thief of the Beatles, then a social phenomenon in a fast-moving world, the eternal kid from Liverpool has grown up well. But his ardour, intrepid lightness and communicative optimism remain intact. Nothing changes this drummer with his golden technicality and silvery voice: neither fame nor time.

      Here, there is no nostalgia or excessive glory in the past: only the present moment counts. For Ringo Starr, there is no question of remaining stuck on the asphalt of Abbey Road. He moves forward, at his own pace, with a gait closer to that of an overactive young adult than to an insolent spleen grandfather. In a plea for love and peace, the Knight Bachelor celebrates life as much as he honours his lifelong friends: the tormented genius John Lennon, the virtuoso Paul McCartney and the mystic George Harrison.

      That's the way he is, Ringo Starr. He sees every day as a party with friends. Happy as a kid, he goes back in time without neglecting the present. He juggles between eras, blows without trembling on the embers of the hits of yesteryear and blends naturally into rhythms borrowed from blues standards.

      Perhaps it is to better sublimate the young shoots of his discography. In any case, his sweet and melodious pop brings the secrets of Beatlemania back to life, letting the wind of the good old days take us by the scruff of the neck, with skill, charm and jubilation. Today is yesterday, yesterday is today. It seems to surprise only him, but Ringo Starr is alive and well, and God that's good!



      Beatlemania, a social phenomenon

      Barely out of a rather laborious adolescence, Ringo Starr joins the Beatles, replacing Pete Best on drums. The beginnings are difficult, and the relationship with George Martin, the producer of the group, relatively complicated. But the kid from Liverpool, a bit of a joker, holds on and manages to make a place for himself between John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Success is not long in coming: Beatlemania begins. It is an unprecedented phenomenon!


      The Beatles changed the world

      With each appearance of the Beatles, there is collective euphoria. Millions of fans around the world breathe only through their music. John Lennon, in a joke, will even say: "We're almost more popular than Jesus". Yet internal tensions are becoming unbearable. The separation is consummated.


      Ringo Starr, the star goes away on its own

      Like the other members of the band, Ringo Starr embarks, alone, on a new musical adventure. He doesn't hesitate to explore new lands, sometimes flirting with sounds close to country music. The critics are good, but the top of the charts now seems unattainable.


      Ringo's difficult years

      Ringo Starr has a ceiling. The success of the Belle Epoque seems already far away, John Lennon has just been cowardly murdered and his family problems don't help. He is at a low point. Fortunately, his meeting with the actress Barbara Bach, his future wife, will change everything.


      Ringo, still a star

      Ringo Starr keeps fishing and having fun. He proves it again with the release of the excellent What's My Name, his new record, the twentieth of his discography. He always wants to play, and you can hear it. France Info wrote: "he displays the tranquillity of one who no longer has to worry about anything, welcoming with joy his musician friends, Dave Stewart, Joe Walsh, Colin Hay".


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        It's always something special to see one of your idols on stage. I had a great time tonight. Ringo Starr was up to the task. He made us relive the Beatles' crazy hours, without forgetting to sing his latest compositions. What a great concert! 

        Alain, after the concert at the Olympia

        Ringo Starr, with his three friends from Liverpool, changed the world. That's not an empty word. The Beatles clearly revolutionised music and broke a glass ceiling. Today, the singer and drummer is carrying on this legacy, without falling into the trap of bland covers. He puts his heart into it, brings his colours to it and takes advantage of it to make people discover his new compositions.

        With his arms raised, index and middle fingers brandished in the V sign of victory, T-shirt with the symbol of anti-nuclear peace, Ringo Starr comes running onto the stage. As for Ringo Starr, he draws from the few Beatles songs he has sung and a few excerpts from his own records. 
        As soon as they arrived on the beat of the song Matchbox, the crowd immediately rose to its feet, electrified by the drummer's vision, who first left his favourite instrument for the microphone. The pleasure was there! 

        Le Monde - Le Journal de Montréal


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