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      Storyteller of a torn America
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      One record was enough for him to become an icon of his century. Initially inspired by the shadow of the great Tom Waits, his rider for a time, Rickie Lee Jones took off to build a career of rare longevity. Committed and sublime, she is magical: the same can be said of her songs.

      She is the face of a flayed America that is torn to shreds as the war-ravaged Oval Office is torn to shreds. Yes, Rickie Lee Jones is a rebel who gets wet with her dry guitar and youthful voice. The Duchess of Coolsville, as Time journalists like to call her, drowns love in bitterness, and vice versa. She brings colour to folk, revisits New Orleans jazz standards and narrates her healthy anger.

      They are all musically in love with her: Bob Dylan and Ben Harper first. It must be said that this tall blonde lady knows how to use her charm to defend her vision of the world. She grows up to the rhythm of her desires, her whims and her encounters, to get a little closer to her lifelong idols: Nina Simone, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. In search of freedom and adventure, Rickie Lee Jones, star since her first album, wants to be a great traveller and a tender rebel. So she plays a series of cool and bluesy ballads to bear witness to what she sees around her every day.

      Her voice makes music lovers fall in love with her. Here, no superfluous. All she needs is an open microphone and a few strings to convey what's in her heart. Because from her decades of life, she has inherited a maturity that gives her fragile slowness, her bursts of mood and her fiery panache, her shadow of absolute elegance. Rickie Lee Jones, an atypical personality of an era, still has beautiful things to whisper to us.



      Star at first light

      As soon as she enters the stage, Tom Waits' lover gets what will be the biggest hit of her career, with her first record, of jazzy inspiration, and the single Chuck E.'s in Love. She was crowned the following year at the Grammy Awards. Rickie Lee Jones is already in the big league.


      On the banks of the Seine

      Just recovered from his painful separation with Tom Waits, Rickie Lee Jones goes into exile in France, in Paris. It is there that she composes her third album, entitled The Magazine, and dares to take new liberties to find new sounds. She will then take a few years off, following the death of her father.


      Pop Pop, here is the reason for elegance

      Avec le disque Pop Pop, enregistré en 1989 au Topanga Skyline Studio, Rickie Lee Jones se laisse aller aux joies de la reprise. Sa voix très expressive, mi-chantée, mi-parlée, subjugue ses admirateurs. Elle reprend avec une élégance certaine et affirmée des standards du jazz, comme les plus belles compositions de Tin Pan Alley ou de Jimi Hendrix.


      Frontal attack against Bush

      She is known to be committed, using music as a powerful expression of her personal convictions. While George W. Bush has just been elected to the Oval Office, Rickie Lee Jones draws his weapon of choice to oppose the policies of the President of the United States and challenge The Patriot Act. Rickie Lee Jones then releases the very good album The Evening of My Best Day.


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        It was an ideal concert with an exceptional singer. I was really captivated by her voice and personality. She always seems as motivated as ever to take the stage and share the treasures of her discography, recent or old. Her humility is a pleasure to see. I can only say thank you. 

        Lise, after a concert in Paris

        Rickie Lee Jones is a great lady of folk-rock. Even today, she still surprises and moves us. Her sparkling youth seems eternal. How good it is to rediscover her with her dry guitar, making her voice shine, which many say is childlike. It is an honour to see her appear before us. So as soon as she comes to France, her country of heart, we receive her with joy.

        The American singer always shoots her arrows with her childlike voice, philtres of love or bitterness that make her an unavoidable storyteller of her time. Always hanging on to her acoustic guitar, Ricky Lee Jones remains more than ever a committed songwriter.  
        His eternally childish and lascivious voice is set to songs from the region, waltzes in Louisiana French, rhythm'n'blues on the piano, romantic country ballads, ghostly pop to be listened to under the full moon. Her albums are cosy refuges for Rickie Lee Jones. 

        Le Figaro - Les Inrocks


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