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      His voice is recognizable between thousand, we could hear it in an unspeakable number of films or series. We can recognize him by his songs going from satire to heartbreaking lament, so yes, there is only one Randy Newman!


      Toy Story, 1001 paws, Toy Story 2, Monsters and Co., Cars, Toy Story 3, Monsters Academy, Toy Story 4... If you've seen these Disney Pixar movies, you can't miss the voice of this great singer-songwriter. But it would be reductive to summarize Randy Newman's career to original soundtracks. The success, he knows it since the 1970s and distinguishes himself by adding progressively in his songs personal stories or themes which are dear to him. One of his greatest successes is "Sail Away", where he criticizes American morals or "Short People" which denounces the mockery of short people.


      Knowing a flourishing success in the 1970s, Randy Newman does not hesitate to add autobiographical touches and engaged themes in the lyrics of his songs. One of his most famous ballads, "Sail Away", even criticizes American morals, as does "Short People", another of Newman's hits, which denounces the mockery of short people. In the 1980's, Randy Newman established his reputation by collaborating with the cinema, while continuing to release solo albums. His most famous film scores include "The Best," "Ragtime," all four "Toy Stories," "Monsters & Co.," "Monsters Academy," "Seabiscuit," "James and the Giant Peach," "1001 Paws," and "Meyerowitz Stories. His many awards include seven Grammys, three Emmys, two Academy Awards, and a star on Hollywood Boulevard. He is also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2013.


      Let's not forget to mention the famous performers who have covered his songs, including Ray Charles for "Sail Away" and Joe Cocker's "You Can Leave Your Hat On". Let us add other interpreters such as Judy Collins, Harry Nilsson, the Everly Brothers or Dusty Springfield who could sing the words of Randy Newman.


      The musician is always looking for innovation in his music. Still today, we can see it in his album "Dark Matter" where he tackles themes as varied as the Kennedy brothers, religion, science or, of course, love. Finally, he continues to perform on stage and despite some health problems, he still wants to meet his public. We will of course be there!

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