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      Soprano, Alonzo and Vincenzo. You only have to read these three names to understand to what extent Psy 4 of rhyme has something unique. For these three cousins from the Phocaean city, together with the late Sya Styles, played with their flow to turn the hip-hop scene upside down.

      Their prose is direct. No detours when it comes to talking about their daily life of yesteryear in the Plan d'Aou city, in the heart of Marseille's northern districts. It's rough as concrete, mined like decimated asphalt. These three, since Sya Styles is now far too high up in paradise to back it up, have not forgotten anything, in spite of the glory. They know where they come from, and remember a bit nostalgic for the time when Block Party revealed them to the general public.

      Today, Soprano is as popular as ever. He could easily do without Psy 4 of rhyme. But impossible: this beautiful story is his blood. So, the flows are back in the bins, as the other one would say. These friends of Akhenaten and Kamel Saleh are back in business as soon as they get the chance, with a flow as good, positive and full of hope as ever.

      These children of the moon, as we have fun calling them, have a strong speech. Words are weapons, so they use them as they wish to highlight life in the midst of the towers of their youth, the post office shifts and the injustices that linger. It makes the skull move up and down, like a youthful cry dreaming under a blue sky. So it's time, at last, to see them boxing the gloom on stage and curling the people they love a little more.



      From the city of Plan d'Aou

      Northern districts of Marseille. Three cousins decide to go on stage to present a well-crafted flow, swing committed words and tell the story of life in the suburbs, at a time when a whole country is trying to hide this reality under the carpet. They quickly make a name for themselves with their talent, which leads them to open for Fonky Family.


      Revealed to the general public

      This is the opus that will change their lives. Because when Psy 4 de la rime presents the album Block Party, the audience discovers more than a band, but the words of a territory apart: the northern districts of Marseille. The four kids from Plan d'Aou then get a gold record and set the radios on fire with the single Le Son des Bandits.


      Children of the moon

      Following in the footsteps of their previous record, Enfants de la Lune is a real success. It is a popular fervour that surrounds the group. Festivals are tearing them up, and the singles on the channel are giving the FM programmers a run for their money. This time, it is sure: Psy 4 de la rime is one of the greats of the French hip-hop scene.


      From the city of Aou to the Olympia

      It is the most successful album, becoming a hip-hop classic. With Les Cités d'or, Psy 4 de la rime established its popularity, which would later allow its members to extend their careers well beyond the life of the group. At that moment, they were at the height of their glory, as evidenced by this remarkable tour, with a date recorded at the Olympia.


      The return, long after

      In 2015, the death of Sya Styles marks a turning point for Psy 4 de la rime. Time for tears. The group then decides to split up, not seeing the adventure continue without one of its founding members. But in 2019, when Soprano is at the top, the news makes the fans crazy with joy: the three cousins from Marseille are back in action. They appear on several albums and record a new track entitled 13 Marseille, featuring JUL.


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        The three cousins stormed in, and it went off in all directions, with an untenable audience and good energy. The bellows didn't have time to fall back as it went straight on. We had the right to a mix of the 4 albums, with variations between very hip-hop and calmer songs. 

        Bertrand, after a concert in Istres

        Psy 4 de la rime is a pioneer of the hip-hop scene in France. With Soprano at the head of the bill, these three have managed to lift the veil on everyday life in the northern districts of Marseille and to make popular a positive flow that warms the hearts of the youth. Seeing them on stage together again is a real pleasure!

        The Psy 4 de la rime group is proud of its success, because it fully deserves its climb. In a way, it embodies a message of hope for the younger generation. With rigour, hard work and passion, they have achieved their childhood dreams. The three cousins thus preach hip hop and positive rap with sung melodies. 

        Le Parisien


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