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      Guitarist of Rage Against the Machine, Tom Morello had already marked the history of metal with overflowing rage and unambiguous political messages. But in 2016, when the prophecy announced in the video clip of Sleep Now in the Fire (1999) comes true and Trump reaches the White House, the guitar hero can't hold back any longer. His anger explodes and it is obviously expressed in music.

      He then gathers his ex-companions Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk and embarks on his battle with DJ Lord and Chuck D. from Public Enemy and B-Real from Cypress Hill. Not a supergroup on the frontier between hip-hop and metal but, as Morello claims, "an elite task force of revolutionary musicians determined to fight this mountain of election year shit". Prophets of Rage was born, the tone was set, and the band didn't intend to be a lace band.

      Their resistance is electric, their words sound like uppercuts. The message is clear: the world of Trump, they don't want it and they're not ready to let go. With big riffs and well-placed hip-hop bursts, they awaken consciences with compositions in the form of a call to popular struggle and uprising. What they want is a country free of racism and inequality. If this is to be achieved through revolution, so be it! And what can be said is that their audience is boiling hot. It jumps in rhythm to the sound of drums, pogos and pit circles follow one another and you only come out of the pit exhausted and sweaty. A very intense adventure that ended in 2019, when the passionate hurricane Zach de la Rocha finally decided to take back his place as a sheet metal worker in Rage Against the Machine, which has become almost mythical in the meantime.



      Make America Rage Again

      Echoing Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again", Prophets of Rage, barely trained, embarked on a tour to resonate their fury throughout the United States. Make America Rage Again promises, if not to stir up the crowds, to make them let off steam on the tracks that made Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy famous and that are still sadly in the news. And if Zach de la Rocha's ferocious cries are missing, the commitment of B-Real and Chuck D. gives it a new echo.


      The band of an album

      Much awaited by their already numerous fans, the newly formed band releases an eponymous album. It will be the first and the last one, even if a second opus has been long awaited. Prophets of Rage therefore, in reference to the title of a Public Enemy song, is a flood of claims. From Unfuck the World and the legendary "No Hatred, Fuck Racists" which opens the song to Hail to the Chief which is a finger held high at the entire Trump administration.


      Rage Against The Machine > Prophets of Rage

      There are bands and musicians who are so emblematic that no matter how many years have passed, no matter what the trends are, they remain eternally awaited by the public. So when Zach de la Rocha finally agrees to re-form the legendary Rage Against the Machine, Prophets of Rage can only bow to the effervescence that's sweeping the entire metal planet. One story ends, another continues, but the rage remains intact.


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        The singer immediately reminds the seated audience that he is not at a U2 concert. The tone is set, the concert is going to be wild! The rappers Chuck D and B-Real set the mood in the hall while the three ex-musicians of Rage Against seem to be on springboard. Killing in the Name Of was supposed to close the evening, but in front of a white-hot audience, Tom Morello decides to prolong the fight with a superb version of Bombtrack

        Samuel after a concert at the Olympia in Paris

        Prophets of Rage, an evocative name built on another legend. That of Rage Against the Machine, which is now regaining its place in the hearts of fans. Tom Morello's four-year adventure has not been in vain. It has revealed the electrical connections between metal and hip-hop, but above all, it has kept intact the fire that rumbles in the soul of its audience.

        The concert begins on... " Prophets of rage ", just to say that tonight we're going to get a big kick out of it. And it doesn't miss : " Testify ", which comes out behind, remains a concentrate of testosterone as effective as in the time of Rage Against The Machine. Power, decibels, attitude, the band is happy to be back in Paris, it shows. 

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