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      Long curly hair, angel mouth and an outstanding guitarist, Peter Frampton capsized many hearts in the 1970s. If he finally opted for a wiser haircut, he kept his rockstar smile and is still a living legend of the genre, from those who rubbed shoulders with Bowie, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. And that's a slap in the face!

      A man of all superlatives, he is first and foremost a virtuoso, innovative and inventive guitarist. He was the first to use the talkbox, which contributed to his success. He was also the first to have founded a rock super-group, long before the mythical old singers got together. The first to have been so successful with live albums, witnessing his powerful blues-rock, his wild riffs and his bubbling vocals. And if he gets a bit swallowed up by the punk and new wave waves, he manages to make his way through the new genre breakwaters that successively take the place of the great rockstars.

      Taking a look at his career today is a bit like retracing the history of rock. And contemplating with nostalgia some of his episodes that we like to watch over and over again, sometimes blues, sometimes hard. Sometimes in the form of languorous ballads, sometimes with angry shouts.



      The first super-group in rock history

      He was already part of a successful band, The Herd. But the image he gave, bordering on the charming singer, no longer suited him. Legend has it that he met Steve Mariott of The Small Faces during an audition for Johnny Hallyday. The two of them definitely hit it off and co-founded Humble Pie together. For four years, he produced an over-the-top hard rock and riffs that are still in everyone's ears with what is still one of the first super-groups in history.


      One of the greatest live LPs of all time

      Consecration is the only way he's going to get there. With a memorable live album: Frampton Comes Alive! A multi-platinum opus that sold more than 17 million copies and took the lead on the Billboard 200 for three weeks, breaking all records for a live album. Decades later, everyone still remembers the worldwide hit Do You Feel Like We Do, which also popularised the use of the talkbox, the singer's faithful ally.


      Alongside other rock bosses

      In 1985, while his career was losing momentum, Peter Frampton found a second wind by participating in Johnny Hallyday's Rock n' Roll Attitude album. But it was David Bowie, whom he had met at school, who was to put him back in the saddle once and for all. He plays with the Chameleon of Pop on Never Let Me Down, and takes part in the tour that follows. A new energy thanks to which he will get back in touch with the stage.


      The return of his legendary guitar

      Fun fact. If Peter Frampton goes through the early 2000s without much noise, touring in front of an ever-present audience, he will be back in 2011 and, by a miracle, in his black Les Paul Custom. Visible on the cover of Frampton Comes Alive! cover, it had disappeared in a plane crash in 1980, along with all its fetish guitars. A wink of fate for this guitarist above all.


      When all is blues

      No more tricks, Peter Frampton makes his guitar sing without frills on All Blues. A final album in the form of a goodbye for the singer who is suffering from an illness that will eventually prevent him from playing the guitar. So he delivers one last little gem of virtuosity in the shape of a thumbscrew to fate, a bluesy cover of his classics I Just Want To Make Love To You or Georgia On My Mind.


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        A very warm, friendly and absolutely rock concert! You can really feel the emotion Peter Frampton has to share his music with his audience. Even if his physique and that of his musicians have changed, his voice, his sound, his guitar touch are still the same and we really find what we loved in his mystical albums of the 70s. I was plunged back into my 20's and it was really nice. 

        Hugues after a concert at the Olympia

        In a career spanning more than 50 years, Peter Frampton has put his heart and soul into rock music. From the wild devil to the wise patron of the blues, he has made history alongside the greatest. His lifelong friend David Bowie, Johnny Hallyday, Ringo Starr. With this last Farewell tour, we see with regret a new legend leaving the stage.

        Peter Frampton is the latest classic rock icon to announce that his next tour will be his last. If in 1981 he was declared a has-been by much of the industry, things took another turn in 1987 when his childhood friend David Bowie invited him to play guitar on his LP Never Let Me Down. This helped Frampton slowly restart his solo career. And his concerts began to draw crowds again. 

        Rolling Stone


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