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      In the American grunge tierce, Pearl Jam holds the rope, neck and neck with Kurt Corbain, god of Nirvana, and Alice in Chains. It sounds loud and angry. Fragile ears, abstain: here, it is the temple of a rock without summons, nor artifice.

      Without mastery, power is nothing. Pearl Jam, a band with sharp riffs and contagious energy, knows the dosage: a subtle mix between the brutality of the big sound and the deceptive tranquillity of pretty ballads. In Seattle, the fertile ground of the underground culture of the nineties, Eddie Vedder's band, a frontman recognizable by his checkered shirt and warm voice, has given a slap in the face to the MTV generation. It must be said that their honest and incisive rock gives the stadiums a rush and makes them move. 


      Pearl Jam is not here to string pearls, but to carry a heavy and beautiful legacy, like the last survivors of a crazy and great era, when grunge came out of the ground to bring out the frustrations of the modern world. Inspired lyrics, tortured tunes, effective solos at the gates of heavy metal: these guys have always known how to match the power of the grunge with their ideals as resolutely committed citizens. For Pearl Jam, rebellious and casual, has no tongue in her pocket, daring to bang her fist on the table to advocate her humanist convictions.

      Years later, her energy seems intact, capable, as yesterday, of crushing everything in her path. Nothing resists Pearl Jam: neither conservative ideas nor sensitive souls. As the decades go by, the evidence becomes clear: Pearl Jam is a rare pearl.



      Barely created, already known

      Following the death of Andrew Wood, Chris Cornell decided to found the group Temple of the Dog. His wish: to pay homage to his late friend. But gradually, the project will grow and become Pearl Jam. The first record, Ten, was a huge success, and the critics were overwhelmed.


      Confirmation of a dividing group

      Its most aggressive, the Vs disc confirms the talent of the band to Eddie Vedder. It's played over and over again on MTV and it makes you want to smash everything: the charts are on fire. The press is torn between fans and fervent opponents of this new kind of grunge. That's how, it is said, we distinguish the bands that really mark their time.


      Neil Young's right-hand man

      Mirror Ball is not an album like any other. For the first time, Neil Young decides to record with the members of Pearl Jam. It's a great moment for the band. For the Toronto-based songwriter is a legend who, with his high-pitched voice and slung guitar, has brought a new colour to the free world of the post-Woodstock era.


      The winning rebound of the Americans

      After a decade that was less successful in terms of sales, Pearl Jam is back at the top of the charts, thanks to the magnificent Backspacer album. It's a revival for the band, with a more raw sound and more discreet solos. Efficiency above all! It goes straight to the point and it sounds strong: Eddie Vedder's flame has never been extinguished, it simply curled up slightly to shine better.


      Gigaton, the album that feels good

      Almost thirty years after her debut album, Pearl Jam is back with Gigaton. If ever there was a proof that grunge never dies, here it is. Rolling Stone magazine is under the spell. It writes: "Pearl Jam shows that it has more than just know-how to offer and that it wants to discover it". It's obvious: these guys from Seattle still have a lot of energy to spare!


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        We took a real slap in the face! The stage performance was crazy, with a pure, raw and true sound. Pearl Jam was with us, we were with Pearl Jam, and Bercy was on fire. It's enjoyable to come and see a band that you love so much, that knows how to give back to its audience what it gives to them. 

        Benoît, after the concert in Paris

        Pearl Jam has shaped the spirit of grunge. At a time when rock seemed threatened by the rise of rap, the band managed a tour de force, establishing itself as the master thinker of a whole movement, alongside Nirvana, and asserting sounds with relentless energy. Today, Kurt Cobain is no more. They are the only ones left to defend and continue to spread this wave that has submerged America, and then the rest of the world. And as much to say that on stage, they still do it wonderfully well!

        Pearl Jam continues to proclaim a rock sometimes soaked in metal, sometimes more nuanced. But always true. All good stuff. Vedder's rage is no longer the rage of yesteryear, of course, but his voice has lost none of its grain, its conviction and its power either.
        The last survivor of the grunge period of the 1990s, he was, along with Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, the spearhead of this musical current born on the west coast of the United States in Seattle. A mix of dynamite rock with metal and often black lyrics that spoke to the Generation Y of the end of the millennium. 

        Liberation - Les Echos


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