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      Punk-grime, Grunk, grop, grip-hop, the two (fake) sisters of Nova Twins twist the heads of all the critics with a style that detonates. It must be said that the two young women have torpedoed the punk scene, arriving like two white-hot rockets and exploding everything in their path. The grime? It's second nature! The punk? It's in their blood! Hip-hop? Their roots! So why choose? Break down the barriers, let's go for a lap with these angry twins.

      Georgia South's bass rumbles when Amy Love's voice is as sharp as a razor blade. The labels don't bother them, but you just can't stick them with them. Because the drums are on amphetamines like in the glory days of dirty punk, the bass lines get heavier and the vocals are rapped, screamed, chanted. One thing's for sure, the twins know how to do it when it comes to mixing influences with conviction. An energy that transforms them on stage into real furies, the overlooked harpies of modern times. With graceful features and impeccable make-up, they fall down on their audience and devour everything in their path, leaving their audience vibrating to the core.

      They have the music, they have the attitude, but above all, they have things to say. As worthy heirs to Riot Grrrl, the feminist and punk movement of the 90s, their approach is explosive when it comes to gender equality, diversity and open-mindedness. And when they go on stage, London women want to be recognised for their music and only for that. And that's where they excel, giving a good youthfulness to the Iroquois of the old punks who still hang out at their concerts and mix with the kids who swear by urban music.



      Best band you've ever heard of

      The two childhood friends will form Nova Twins in 2014. After the release of a first EP in 2016, they start to heat up the crowds in 2017 as the opening act for Wolf Alice, Skunk Anansie but especially Prophets of Rage. Impressed by these two lionesses who don't hesitate to show their claws and throw themselves with passion into the arena at just 20 years old, Tom Morello will name them "best band you've ever heard of" and will contribute to make them finally come out of their lair.


      A first album, ENFIN!

      In June 2019, the duo was making the Hellfest rumble, bringing a touch of freshness and an incredible shot of energy to this iconic festival. A few months later, after four years of existence, they finally released their first album. Who Are The Girls? is produced by Jim Abiss, known for his work with Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian. The sound is saturated, the vocals border on hip-hop. The Nova Twins are doing what they do best: mixing genres in a tornado of energy!


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        I now understand why these two young women, imaginative in music and clothing, were the heartthrob of the TransMusicales. Their hard hip hop punk hits where it counts. They have things to say and all you want to do is listen to them. 

        Aramaya, after a concert at the Transbordeur in Lyon

        For several years now, the punk scene has been reinventing itself with a feminine energy that Sid Vicious himself would not deny. And at this game, the Nova Twins have killed the game! On stage, the duo is devastating, with riffs and increasingly heavy bass lines. Their energy is highly contagious and we came out of it well shaken!

        Nova Twins is already iconic across the Channel. Amy Love and Georgia South, queens of a punk band that has never been seen before, have managed to reinvent a whole section of British music with fierce elegance. With their increasingly political punk and colourful grime, the duo not only has a bright future ahead of them, but also a sublime present. 

        Rolling Stone


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        Le 1988 Live Club
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