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      The New Power Generation (or NPG) is the band that has been with Prince for over decades and remains arguably one of the most accomplished backing bands in the world. After a triumphant performance at the Prince Tribute Concert in Minnesota in October 2016, the NPG decided to reunite and go on tour to celebrate the music of the irreplaceable artist. Their 2019 European tour was a triumph with vibrant and moving concerts. We can't wait to see them back on stage soon to celebrate the legacy of the Minneapolis Kid!

      "Welcome 2 The New Power Generation" is a phrase from the introduction of the song Eye No on the album Lovesexy, from 1988. This "new generation" wants to mean the spiritual renewal operated after the creation of the Black Album (1994). Thereafter, this term will return very often during the concerts and will become a kind of slogan repeated with envy by Prince. In 1991, the album Diamonds And Pearls was presented as a record of "Prince and The New Power Generation". It is from this moment that Prince used this term to designate the group of musicians accompanying him on stage from 1991 to his death. The line-up will change over the years and will explore many sounds: new jack, swing, rap and of course soul and rock. 

      The NPG show (entitled "Celebrating Prince") is an extraordinary tribute to the superstar, with a succession of musical performances by a procession of veterans of the illustrious band, as well as other world-renowned musicians and singers. It's a non-stop parade of the greatest hits from four decades of an exceptional career. In France, an exceptional concert was held on December 1, 2019 at La Cigale with guest singer Jeanne Added, an admirer of Prince. 

      To see the NPG on stage is to dive back into Prince's incredible catalog of hits and the opportunity to discover lesser-known titles. A moment of communion and emotion to be experienced live! 


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