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      Gibson on the shoulder, Neil Young is an angry man. On a crusade against the neuroses of contemporary society, the Canadian frontman takes the bumpy roads of America to give voice to an engaged rock, sometimes tinged with folk and country.

      Solid as a rock, Neil Young is on all fronts. His life is a struggle, carrying music like a shield against death. He fights like a devil, body and soul, so that the earth and beings can breathe. Only, can a song really change the world? He is not fooled, our Canadian friend. His compositions alone will not change the course of things, any more than his eternal rebellious youth will make society reasonable. But this provider of a free world stays the course and counts on his poetry with bucolic accents to shake up mentalities.

      A virtuoso with fragile health, he broods over old ideals, beating with force and relentlessly on those who pull the strings in reverse. Bush, Trump, Monsanto: no one is spared. This black-hatted environmentalist, carrying messages of love and peace, juggles between healthy anger and subtle joy to imagine a desirable future. His convictions span the ages, his river songs swim through time. With his high-pitched voice and saturated guitar playing, Neil Young breathes protest. Integrative and uncompromising, he never passes up an opportunity to awaken consciences, to sculpt his emotions and to draw his melodies to make humanity shiver.

      The Toronto artist, citizen of the Earth and lover of California, ventures everywhere, from noise rock to rockabilly, with his claws in the warring factions and his penknife in political correctness. Her dazzling performances have made the charts tremble. Alone or with his buddies, Crosby, Stills and Nash, with whom he has always maintained a friendship made of ups and downs, Neil Young has shaken the globe. Troubling is his life, beautiful is his music. Let's get him in mind: this poet with a strong character is a perfect uppercut to passivity. His dream: that the world finally wakes up!



      It all starts with Buffalo Springfield

      The son of Scott Young, a renowned writer, Neil Young has the beautiful stories and great revolts that flow through his veins as a bold young adult. With his friend Stephen Stills, he founded Buffalo Springfield. In only a few months of existence, the group marks its era. Neil Young's career is launched!


      Woodstock, le grand tournant

      They are presented as the new Beatles, so much their wisdom reasons in the heads of the hippies of the free world. Their revolt soothes angry souls. With his friends Corsby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young shows up in front of the big day crowd, drawing with class songs tinged with strong convictions and beautiful emotions. Woodstock is under the spell. They are the new heroes of a people!


      Récolte, fils Everest

      This record is a monument. The highlight of his career, Harvest is a pharaonic success, culminating for weeks at the top of the American and British charts. The tone is acoustic, the dry guitar and the accordion plays the soloists. Neil Young has hit hard and touches the grail, elegantly undermining the negative critics who will quickly turn their jackets in front of the enthusiasm of the Anglo-Saxon public.


      The anthem of the free world

      More than twenty years after his first appearances, Neil Young has lost nothing of his superb. With Freedom, he returns to success. His song Rockin' in the Free World, a manifesto for a free world, is a hit even as communism is in its final hours.


      In Neil Young's mirror

      Neil Young doesn't like to look back. In any case, he never dwells on his past, preferring by far to live in the present and build the future. Yet, the Canadian artist accepts, for once, to indulge in a joyful flashback, so much promised. He publishes the first volume of his musical archives. His fans are over the moon!


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        Neil Young is as young as ever. He has lost nothing of his voice and stage presence. His passionate show, almost three hours long, bluffed me.  He takes a real pleasure on stage, playing with powerful solos and drawing committed songs such as few exist today. 

        Sébastien, after the concert in Paris

        This man is a living legend. You only have to see him once on stage to understand how Neil Young is one of the greats of this world. Through his committed compositions and his undeniable charisma, the Canadian artist has clearly left his mark on the last decades. He is part of a very closed circle, alongside legends such as Bob Dylan.

        In an eternal plaid shirt, black jeans and felt of the same color, Neil Young has kept the sharp and fragile tone of his early days. He smiles very often, visibly happy to play music. Powerful and charismatic, the singer and guitarist never disappoints. He always finds a new way to revisit the pearls of his repertoire.  
        Neil Young, 67 years old, is a monument. Less inaccessible than Bob Dylan, but just as elusive. Since his first successes, the Canadian colossus with feet of clay - erratic temperament and fragile health - has published some forty albums, sometimes confusing, often brilliant. 

        Le Figaro - Télérama


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