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      Megadeth, a name as mythical as its history is eventful. A birth in hatred and tears for this band that almost invented trash metal. A leader as charismatic as he was detestable, a time drug dealer, but with an almost divine touch and creativity. Line-up changes and drama galore. And finally, a redeeming God, an unexpected rebirth and a return to their roots. A band with a hectic history, whose members regularly hit rock bottom, but whose music made history.

      Because with a technique worthy of a metal guitar hero, Dave Mustaine, ejected from the ranks of Metallica but as vindictive as ever, delivers riffs and solos whose precision does not detract from their speed. On vocals too, his style is distinctive, incisive, almost aggressive. A virtuosity that is underlined by accelerated bass lines and drums that are so catchy that they seem to be hammered by Thor himself.

      And in the lyrics, it inevitably touches the souls. Never stingy with speeches on the great political and social subjects of this world, Dave Mustaine tackles all the taboos and doesn't hesitate to deliver the torments of his tortured mind. Addiction, alienation, loss of reference points, it must be said that he has had his share of dark and striking experiences. But as a talented poet, he shines with the complex intelligence and the touch of irony that he always brings to these sensitive subjects.

      The result is a series of albums that, release after release, inspire the entire metal world. In spite of the overflowing personality of its leader, in spite of the shattering departures and the regular arrivals, Megadeth is among the top 4 of trash metal, with more than 38 million albums sold, 12 Grammy nominations and five consecutive platinum albums. And while it's unthinkable to give a definitive ranking, they are one of those legends that sit alongside Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax.




      Out of Metallica

      In 1983, Metallica threw out its historic lead guitarist, the brilliant Dave Mustaine. The reason was drug problems and a growing incompatibility with the other members. He will never play the famous Kill'Em All to which he contributed and decides to create his own band with only one idea in mind, to take his revenge. He said it himself: "I was obsessed with one thing: I wanted blood... theirs". And it's in this obsessive rage that Megadeth was born, whose musicians would rotate according to the moods of its leader, even if we can note the relative stability of bassist David Ellefson.


      Trash comes of age

      After a first self-produced album, Megadeth signed with a major label to release the very good Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? which sold over a million copies. But it was in 1990, with the arrival of soloist Marty Friedman, that the band became a legend. Their third album, Rust in Peace, is considered one of the greatest trash albums. And two years later, they scored their biggest commercial success with the excellent Countdown to Extinction, which marked a more melodic turn in the band's history and sold over two million copies.


      Break-up and new beginning

      For once, it was not a case of addiction or outrage that forced Mustaine to stop playing but an arm injury. A break of almost two years during which the band will not produce anything, without announcing its separation. And as usual, the theatrical leader announced his return with a brand new line-up. The former junkie seems this time to have freed himself from his demons to turn to God. His music returns to the virulent trash of the early days with The System Has Failed, to the delight of the fans of the first hour.


      Melodic trash

      The band, whose reputation is well established, travels the globe in all directions, regularly touring with Slayer when they are not playing alongside the Big 4, and relations with Metallica seem to have finally calmed down. In 2010, Davis Ellefson, who had not returned to the band in 2004, made his comeback for the better, as in 2011 he released a melodic trash bomb with the monumental Th1rt3en. In 2017, the band finally won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance with their track Dystopia, with the album of the same name reaching number three on the Billboard charts.


      Megadeth is alive and well!

      If the line-up changes continue, the talent remains, just like David Mustaine who after more than 40 years of career still carries the colours of metal high. After addiction, his arm accident, it's throat cancer that he sweeps away with a wave of his hand to release Megadeth's sixteenth album, The Sick, The Dying... and the Dead! Sick maybe, but dead, no way. Because the man who has defied the grim reaper on many occasions certainly doesn't intend to stop there!


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        Dave Mustaine and his band gave an incredible performance tonight! What guitar playing, what vocals!  Their classics Peace Sells and Symphony of Destruction are even more spectacular live and the atmosphere was clearly electric! The mosh pits went on and on, the energy was completely contagious and it was a privilege to see this legendary band on stage.

        Flore after a concert at Hellfest

        In the history of metal, we have never seen such a vengeful spirit as that of Dave Mustaine. A state of mind bordering on neurosis but which has paid off for Megadeth, the band having established itself as a must in trash and heavy metal. On stage, this raging energy coupled with hard-hitting riffs and a rhythmic beat gives off a crazy atmosphere, as only metal legends can deliver.

        Dave Mustaine has taken Megadeth to the top, with a vengeance, dexterity and vocal cords as if braided in acid, even though he is still one step below Metallica in terms of popularity. For all that, Megadeth's speed & heavy machine is a perfectly oiled machine, with a flurry of bombastic effects and hallucinating technical prowess.



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