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      They have been internationally acclaimed thanks to their victory at Eurovision 2021. Already adored in their country, the four Italians of Maneskin have imposed themselves with two albums and millions of streams around the world. Nothing seems to stop them anymore!

      Formed in 2016 in Rome, the band consists of vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio. Their name comes from a Danish word meaning "moonlight," as a nod to Victoria's Scandinavian roots. They found themselves thrust into the spotlight in 2017 thanks to their participation in the Italian version of The X Factor, where they finished in second place. 
      Their first single titled "Torna a casa" is ranked 12th in the Top Radio in Italy with not far from 200 airings per week. Subsequently, they released their first album "Il ballo della vita" in the fall of 2018. This first try does not take long to be crowned triple platinum. Their concerts attract crowds in their country (140,000 tickets sold!) and even beyond since the group performs for the first time in France in 2019 at the Café de la Danse. Their second opus, "Teatro d'ira: Vol. 1," released in March 2021, is well on its way to being a success again. 
      Although they are resolutely turned towards rock, the Måneskin are not, however, in total rupture with Italian-style pop. They belong to this young generation of artists with multiple influences, sometimes mixing them. Like Mahmood or Achille Lauro, they invest in a glamorous and androgynous aesthetic.
      In February 2021, Måneskin performed at the Sanremo Festival. This institution of Italian song, usually inclined to ballads and vocal performances, was shaken by their rock energy. And it couldn't stop there as they were chosen to represent Italy at the Eurovision contest on May 22, 2021. Thanks to their explosive performance of the song "Zitti e buoni" that conquered the European public, they won the contest. This song, which could be translated into French as "Taisez-vous et restez sages", is above all an ode to tolerance. Victoria, the band's bassist, even added: "We want to tell the young people who listen to us that they should be themselves. 
      The band members have been themselves since the very beginning.  And that's what allowed them to undertake this road to success that we wish them long! 

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      2 concerts
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        Café de la Danse
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