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        August 2024
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      It's an Italian tornado that's shaking up and giving the world of rock a new lease on life. 

      From Iggy Pop to Miley Cyrus, everyone wants to be a part of this new momentum and shake their heads to the frenzied rhythms of this high-energy band. With their husky vocals, crowd-pleasing charisma, punchy bass, drums and guitar, they're a shockwave and a wave of freshness in a musical genre that rises from the ashes every decade. And the intelligence of Måneskin is to play rock while never forgetting that in the midst of the rap hegemony, they speak to a wider audience. The result, terribly catchy and danceable, in which there are even a few funk or reggae notes, captivates all sensibilities without ever betraying the group's hard and glam influences.

      But their growing fame is certainly also due to their look, their media and stage presence. With Måneskin, sensuality is omnipresent, leather, sequins, crop tops, make-up, the group blows a wind of freedom and is committed to fighting homophobia. In public as in their lyrics, they claim an unbridled self-confidence and tolerance.

      Unbridled is what characterises their stage appearances. These four, despite their youth, know how to hold a concert. Victoria De Angelis' bass hits Thomas Raggi's guitar while Ethan Torchio's drums thunder at the back and Damiano David lifts the crowd with his rocky voice. Unpredictable, sensual, fierce, in the pit, the pogo takes over to remind everyone that no, rock is still not dead!



      The school of the street

      The members of Måneskin met in high school and under the influence of Victoria and Thomas, they formed a band whose name means "Moonlight", in homage to the Danish origins of its bass player. Young but determined, they started looking for venues to play. If they couldn't find a stage, they took to the streets of Rome, where they performed regularly. Later, Iggy Pop would say "they had a little taste of poverty and obscurity, I think that gives them an edge".


      Rocking out at X Factor

      The band went from bad to worse and from contest to contest, finding themselves finalists in the Italian X Factor and making their mark with their covers of Beggin by the Four Seasons and Somebody Told Me by the Killers. For the young rockers with a glittery look and indomitable energy, it was the beginning of success with a first EP on Sony. In 2018, they released Il Ballo Della Vita, their first album, which was followed by a European tour of 70 concerts, including a visit to Paris for two dates at the Café de la Danse and the Cigale.


      Italian consecration

      They were not expected, but in 2021, Måneskin exploded onto the Eurovision stage and took the trophy with their decadent Italian rock. The eyes of the world turned to them and brought them an international career. Collaboration with Iggy Pop, touring in the United States, the planet snatched up the band who breathed youth into a style that was almost thought to be buried. In November 2022, the quartet won the trophy for best rock song at the American Music Awards, ahead of the Foo Fighters, the Red Hot, Imagine Dragons and Kate Bush and announces the release of his new album, soberly entitled Rush.


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        Måneskin on stage is pure energy! The band sends glitter into our eyes. They sing, scream and jump around while the crowd pogo in rhythm. We come out of the concert exhausted and it feels great!

        Elsa, after a concert at the Café de la Danse in 2019

        Måneskin's freedom is good to see. The group dares to do everything from Eurovision to duets with rock legends, without apologising for going beyond the limits of their genre. They bring back a powerful sound with a devastating aesthetic, not to mention their exciting energy on stage. With members just past their twenties, they're still infusing the world of rock with new energy!

        "Make some fuckin noise!" When Damiano David speaks, the audience listens. And when the Måneskin locomotive is launched, nothing can stand in its way. Guitarist Thomas Raggi rips epic solos out of his Stratocaster between saturated riffs. Like on the hard rocking In Nome Del Padre. Bassist Victoria De Angelis is at one with her machine bass. The drummer, Ethan Torchio, doesn't let his drums rest. The singer, Damiano David, sings, shouts and harangues the crowd in Italian and English, without stopping to caracolate on the stage. [...] Adolescents and adults alike, the crowd is won over by this rock energy.

        Franceinfo Culture


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