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      Long hair, distant eyes, discreet smile... You can tell very quickly that Lulu Gainsbourg is a gentle dreamer. Lulu, who for a long time hesitated to fully assume an overwhelming paternal heritage, has nevertheless an outstanding creative personality, which regularly breaks the codes of French song.

      For part of his youth, he imagined himself as a dunce. The expectations of the public when you are the son of a legend must be paralysing. So he studied piano in London - which he still plays to accompany great artists - and then composition, while opening himself up to as many sounds as possible. "One of my main sources of inspiration was Michael Jackson. And gradually, I opened up to jazz, rock...".

      A knowledge and a musical ear that brought him out of the shadows for a first album From Gainsbourg to Lulu. We can already hear behind the tender notes of his piano all the delicacy and musicality of an artist ready to grow.

      It would take a few more years for this sensitive artist to come out of his shell with original songs. And his public was waiting for it. Far from his piano, on electro beats that sometimes call for sensuality, sometimes for melancholy, the singer, with his dancing or suave, deep and serious voice, explores the sounds and gives himself up in touching texts marked by his reality. The man who is still "making his way" explores the world of electro with grace and finesse, bringing to the French scene harmonies never before heard. 



      Barely standing, already on stage

      Lulu Gainsbourg was practically born on stage. When he was only two years old, his father made him join him at the Zénith in Paris, no less, for the introduction of his song Hey Man Amen. When you fall into music at such a young age, you are bound to stay with it. Young Lucien started playing the piano at the age of five and entered the Paris Conservatoire at eight. He went on to attend prestigious universities, including the Berklee College of Music, and to play the piano, often covering his father's compositions.


      A first album in the form of a tribute

      At the age of 25, the artist has taken the daring gamble of dusting off the sound edifices that Serge built. From Gainsbourg to Lulu is no half measure, as the album features Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp, Rufus Wainwright, M and the sublime Scarlett Johansson. The result is a vibrant tribute and, as he puts it so well, a "gift to my father so that I can take my turn".


      Lulu Gainsbourg takes flight

      Ten years later, Lulu Gainsbourg freed himself from his name without denying it in a new album, Replay, where he lays his bewitching voice on a devastating electro beat. This time, he takes the French song scene by storm, offering something new and imposing his sensitivity, which is also expressed through the writing of his wife, Lilou. It is she who puts the right words on the emotions of this opus in the form of a story, often narrated rather than sung.


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        Lulu is accompanied on stage by very good musicians. His concert is moving, sometimes musically intense, sometimes sunny. But at all times, we are transported by his melodies, his lyrics and his deep voice.

        Axelle after a concert in Lacanau

        Lulu Gainsbourg is very sensitive and you can feel it on stage. Her lyrics are intimate, her melodies arrive where you least expect them and it works! We are lulled to sleep by the sound of his electro music supported by a piano whose musicality calls for dreamy nostalgia. A delicate moment that all lovers of French chanson should experience at least once.

        Lulu, who would like to be called Lucien only in his sixties, has nothing of a daddy's boy full of himself and of his golden filiation. He is rather a big charming kid, sensitive and nonchalant, with a light "suburban" speech and a certain talent as a musician and arranger.



      4 concerts
      • 25 May
        La Cordonnerie - La Cordo
        Romans sur Isère
      • 08 Jul
        Les Nuits de Berre
      • 08 Aug
        Chateau de Crémat
      • 09 Aug
        Festival Music Sun & Sea
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