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      Lucky Chops are six young people with boundless energy who have come straight from New York to prove that the brass band is not dead. Armed with their saxophones and other wind instruments and a good mood that sweeps over their audience like an unstoppable wave, they blow a great wind of freshness over jazz and reinvent their style with a passion that the old-timers of the genre would applaud with both hands!

      It must be said that it took a smile to make their mark in the corridors of the New York underground, bringing liveliness and an explosive joie de vivre to a place where faces spontaneously close. If they have met this challenge with flying colours, it may be because of their explosive colourful look, ready to overturn the prevailing greyness. But more likely, they owe their success to their unwavering passion and passion for melodies and groovy, choreographed covers that even the grumpiest New Yorker can't resist.

      And the band has a mojo they firmly believe in: "positive music can change the world". Any kind of music! Because the six members, who are not always the same, each draw on their own influences to compose or cover classics. From the power of rock to the vigour of electronic music, their jazz smells of otherworldly tones and conquers, dance after dance, the hearts of a growing audience.



      Sunshine on the New York underground

      When six students with a passion for music, jazz and brass instruments of all kinds combine their energies to move in the same direction, it creates sparks. The result is Lucky Chops, a band with an infectious joy that is quickly making a name for itself by bringing a welcome light to the dark tunnels of the New York underground.


      The internet falls in love with jazz

      As present on the internet as they are in the underbelly of the Big Apple, the band regularly posts their lively performances. And patience and determination eventually pay off. In 2016, a video showing them performing a mashup of the famous Funky Town and I Feel Good made the rounds on the web and earned them no less than 25 million views. This exposure quickly translated into real life and opened the door to record labels and major concert halls.


      Lucky Chops crosses the oceans

      A few years and four sparkling albums later, the Lucky Chops have gained even more popularity and are now touring Europe with their latest ball of energy, New Day, a true tribute to New York, the city where they were born. After a lightning passage for one date in 2019, it is this time a mini-tour of four dates that awaits them in France, including an absolutely danceable concert at the Cigale.


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        I was completely blown away by Lucky Chops' performance and I think I wasn't the only one. What energy in this band and their tracks that electrify the audience, each new song being more catchy than the last! They definitely know how to create a crazy atmosphere and renew the genre to perfection.

        Laure after a concert at the Aeronef in Lille

        In the grey Parisian weather of this month of October, what a joy to go back and see the Lucky Chops in concert! With them, we already know that we won't be bored for a second. Better still, they're going to put a good batch of positive energy and sunshine in our hearts. We follow their choreographies with a head movement, we are surprised to find sounds from all over the world in a jazz tinged with New Orleans. It's joyful, it's fresh and you come out energised for weeks!

        Wearing fluorescent trainers or bleached hair, the band's enthusiastic, groovy and choreographed performances have often been captured in the New York underground. For these young musicians, who are filling American and now European venues, the time has come to conquer the world. Armed with their brass instruments, their talent and their unfailing energy!



      3 concerts
      • 27 Jun
        Festival R Pop
        La Roche sur Yon
      • 05 Aug
        Festival du bout du monde
      • 08 Aug
        Sites en Scène Jazz en Feux
        Le Château-d'Oléron
      4 concerts
      • 24 Oct
        LA CIGALE
      • 26 Oct
        Le Paul B
      • 27 Oct
      • 28 Oct
        La Laiterie
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