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      Other people’s lives often inspire the great men and women of this world. The Big Blue is proof of that. This plunge in the free dive world, inspired by the wild adventures of Jacques Mayol, has left its mark on a whole generation. Today, the saga continues, this time with music.


       The year 1989 not only broke down useless walls, it also brought out from the abyss a film of unsuspected magnificence. Following the story of Jacques Mayol, a freediving champion, Luc Besson immersed warm emotions in the cold waters of the oceans, showing with flair the life hiding in these uncharted territories. With Jean-Marc Barr, Rosanna Arquette and Jean Reno, the actors who carried the film, he left his mark in the silence of the deep, a place of void and life, the very definition of the infinitely great. Freedom, exploration and dreams: when  in absence of oxygen the blue of the surface turns into the black of the depths, the cameras are rolling and the chills are multiplying.

      What would a great film be without great music ? If the Big blue has left the whole world speechless, it is also because the work – or rather the masterpiece - of Éric Serra, Luc Besson's long-time accomplice. Beneath his discreet jazzman looks, the French composer has imagined an innovative soundtrack, unequivocally reflecting the solitude of these men flirting along the line with phantasmagoric silhouettes. In the darkness, the sounds of the abyss slink away with the music. Here, everything is beautiful, everything is immense, and Éric Serra's universe transcends the motion picture.


      Now, he takes the stage, accompanied by a band, and shares with us a music of the deep seascapes, minimalist but not simplistic. This is a new experience  with a unique atmosphere. The whale vocalizations echo, the electronic waves soothe us. We enter a different world that few people have seen so closely. We descend towards the unknown, as the musical dive gains momentum and takes our breath away.



      Over there, under the sea

      From Greece to Peru, Luc Besson recounts the wild adventures of the free-diver Jacques Mayol. To transcend his motion picture film, he is looking for a talented composer, capable to convey the atmosphere of the depths. Quite naturally, he turns to Éric Serra, whom he met ten years earlier. The original soundtrack quickly became a cult hit, boosting sales and winning a César award for best original score !


      From the cinema to the stage

      To celebrate the film's 30h anniversary, Éric Serra has decided to breathe life into the music of The Big Blue. He surrounds himself with outstanding musicians for an exceptional film in concert produced by Gérard and Matthieu Drouot. The great and hypnotic sounds plunge the audience into the Silent World. Fans from the outset will be there,and a new generation will discover this mythical film.


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        I  have probably seen The Big Blue dozens of times, but I have never felt such deep emotions. It feels like you're discovering the film from a new perspective, the energies are multiplied. The underwater explorations take on another dimension! It's impressive. 

        Antoine, after the film in concert in Boulogne-Billancourt

        The original soundtrack of the Big Blue has left its mark on a generation of cinema enthusiasts. Éric Serra faithfully portrays the diver's emotions. We really wanted everyone to be able to experience the extraordinary sensations of this cult film. We are so proud to organize this film in concert tour!

        The show takes place in a unique atmosphere, the musicians are extremely focused to follow the tempo of the film and make sure that the music go as well as possible with the picture. Éric Serra himself, performs on stage, playing bass and doing vocals.
        Dreamy atmospheres and whale sounds : no one has forgotten the credit score and the mythical soundtrack of Luc Besson's film The Big Blue (1988). Only this time, the orchestra is just below the screen, conducted by the composer himself, Éric Serra. Seven musicians, a few electronic instruments and a set of computers make it possible to reproduce the original soundtrack down to the last note. 

        Ouest - France Info


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