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      She speaks five languages fluently, sings in as many, has a voice that can shake the walls and an uncanny sense of showmanship. In 1994, when she exploded all over the world, Billboard ranked her as the second biggest female revelation of the year, just behind a certain Mariah Carey. Because yes, these are the heights that Laura Pausini reached, only a few months after presenting the hit with the chorus that is still in everyone's head, La Solitudine.

      A dazzling success, carried by an audience that is not mistaken, totally seduced by this young Italian who seems so sure of herself on stage when she sings Love in all its forms. But with Laura Pausini, the lace is as fine as it is intense, and her sensitivity is carried by a powerful voice, with a piercing clarity that would touch the most hardened of hearts.

      Even today, in the face of such freshness, one would almost forget that this Italian Madonna has had a career spanning more than thirty years. Thirty years of singing dreams of freedom, of wild duet rides, of shared feelings... Thirty years also of travelling the world to bring joy to her audience on all continents.

      And when you see her on stage, you understand why this artist, who "can't stand to stay at home", has conquered stages all over the world. On stage, it is a torrent of energy that breaks through, serving an extraordinary chest and tone. Laura Pausini gives of herself and sings to share her happiness and joy of life, and you can feel it in a thousand ways. The greatest Italian voice has nothing left to prove but continues on her path made of passion and Love, obviously.



      A wild hope

      That day, Italy was about to discover one of its greatest talents. With La Solitudine, Laura Pausini won the Sanremo Festival's Best Newcomer Award. And what a hope! The song hit the airwaves like an unstoppable tornado and from Belgium to the Netherlands, via France of course, it became number 1 in the charts. The whole of Europe is pining for this slow song that mourns the loss of a teenage love. And the young artist saw things in a big way. In the following years, she sang in Spanish and Portuguese and conquered the whole of Latin America.


      A Grammy for Italy

      In 2003, the singer performed a duet with Hélène Segara on On n'oublie jamais rien, on vit avec. Throughout her career, she has performed with many of the world's greatest artists. In 2006, her performance of La Loi du Silence alongside Johnny Hallyday quickly became legendary. But that year, Laura Pausini became the first Italian artist to receive a Grammy Award. Escucha won for Best Latin Album, while Io canto, released in November, sold over two million copies worldwide.


      The real Eurovision star

      In the 2000s, the star had a string of hits all over the world and toured the world without ever running out of steam. In 2021, she received a Golden Globe for the soundtrack of the film La vie Devant Soi. In 2022, she returned to Europe to present Eurovision alongside Mika. With her brilliant voice, and in the opinion of many critics, her impressive medley almost steals the show from the artists who came to represent their country. In 2023, she released a new single, Un Buon Inizio, heralding a new album which, according to her, took her "out of her comfort zone" again.


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        I have rarely seen such a warm personality as Laura Pausini. She engages the crowd with ease and with a snap of her fingers everyone is dancing to her greatest hits. She is a true poetess of love, an extraordinary singer and such a genuine and joyful person. A real treat!

        Isabelle after a concert at the Dôme in Marseille

        From En cambio no to Viveme and, of course, La Solitudine, Laura Pausini takes us on an exploration of the depths of Love, its torments and its moments of absolute grace. In Spanish or Italian, her piercing voice carries her messages with force and her smile warms even the most unwelcoming of atmospheres. After 30 years of a titanic international career, the singer still has things to say. Because Love, as we know, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

        Laura Pausini is still the most famous Italian singer in France, and she has never really lost her aura with the public. Her first hit, La Solitudine, is still remembered. It was in 1993. Like Eros Ramazzotti and Zucchero, she exported the Italian touch to the whole world.

        Le Figaro


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