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      Who has never danced to the rhythm of Kylie Minogue's sweet pop? For we have probably all sketched our most beautiful swaying hips to her music, so much the sex symbol of Australia, a hit machine with disco accents, has splashed the planet with its freshness, its continuous joy and its stories of the heart.

      Blonde with provocative outfits, Kylie Minogue is surely guilty of having accelerated the wear and tear on dance floors around the world. Because, yes, the fiery Australian, charming and indomitable, has spent decades setting clubs ablaze with supercharged pop and irresistible hits that will forever remain in our heads. With the help of the best producers, she has put into orbit a good mood: a state of mind that sticks to her skin as well as one of her sexy outfits.

      Her leitmotiv is always the same: to live the present moment to the fullest, with the smile and the energy of great evenings. With her, it is impossible to imagine a sad song: the Melbourne singer fights depression with strength and euphoria, spreading her wings to fly between the clouds of a colorful and refreshing pop. She is the goddess of joy, the alchemist of music, singing of love as she marries life.

      It's no coincidence that Kylie Minogue idolizes Madonna and plays Lady Gaga's latest albums over and over again. Like them, she likes to provoke, to break all forms of prohibition and to respond with unbridled choreography to the stuck-up censors. Her glamour makes boys fantasize, her absolute freedom inspires girls. Yes, with her beautiful and powerful anthems, Kylie Minogue, who even went so far as to collaborate with Nick Cave, is a sparkling star in the middle of a cloud of stars. Now that's a showgirl!



      Success comes early

      Kylie Minogue's first big hits came... on TV. An extra in an Australian series, she is quickly noticed: the whole country falls for the little blond twig with blue eyes. But it was in 1982 that her singing career really took shape, when she signed with the Mushroom Records label. The single I Should Be So Lucky was a hit and put her in the spotlight. Then her cover of Locomotion, a song by Little Eva, will complete her launch as a pop star.


      Confirmation of a pop star

      En duo avec Jason Donovan, Kylie Minogue interprète le single Especially for You, en préambule de son album Enjoy Yourself. C’est un énorme succès, notamment au Royaume-Uni. L’enfant, du haut de son timide 1,53 mètre, est devenue star, et joue avec audace dans la cour des grands. Jamais, ô grand jamais, elle n’a froid aux yeux !


      At the height of glory!

      After a slightly more difficult decade, and despite some notable successes, including the single Where the Wild Roses Grow, written by Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue is back in force. Yes, with the title Can't Get You Out of My Head, her album Fever becomes a worldwide success. Everybody talks, everybody sings, everybody breathes Kylie Minogue. In other words, the tour that follows is an event!


      The abrupt stop, then return

      Kylie Minogue had accustomed us to laughter, here she is on the verge of tears. In May, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the Australian singer was forced to suddenly stop her world tour to undergo surgery. The long battle against the disease put her off the stage for many months, before her glorious return with the album X, released in 2007.


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        An extraordinary concert! Kylie Minogue was in better shape than ever. She sang divinely well. She really set the stage on fire and the audience was also up to the task. It was just perfect. Thank you Kylie! 

        Alexis, after a concert in Lyon

        Kylie Minogue is a real pop-star, perhaps the greatest after Madonna. Her hits, especially Can't Get You out of My Head, have got the whole world dancing. It's impressive how much she still seems to be inhabited, today, by this youthful ardor and this crazy desire to live. She's a showgirl at heart: seeing her on stage is a real shot of joy and positive energy.

        Kylie Minogue never resists the urge to shake things up. It's a habit. Throughout her career, she has varied styles, from disco, rock and even indie ballads. But she remains anchored in pop, with songs with simple, almost naive lyrics, in which she sings about partying and love, as if she had never grown up. 

        Le Parisien


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        Le Galaxie
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        Accor Arena
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        Halle Tony Garnier
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