The Thundering Kiss of the Metallics
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      Dressed in black and white, the gladiators of Kiss deliver screams and shattering riffs to thrill our clenched fists. They are the epicenter of an earthquake, the pistols of an explosive fight in concert halls. 

      "We wanted to be the band we'd never seen on stage". And we did. Kiss has planted its flag on an unknown planet, a black leather earth with a thousand extravagances where everything trembles and reasons. They are there to break codes, to get noticed, to set the stage on fire. Their appearance as antique fighters, with silver ornaments and extra flame, shatters good sense. Their hanging tongue is a nose cone to Lucifer. Amen: The Knights in Satan's Service, double-S at heart, have the devil in their skin, and it can be heard. 

      Smoke eruptions, flushed faces, trash racket: Gene Simmons' gang, led by a jubilant Kiss Army, comes out of the interplanetary tubes. Following in the footsteps of Alice Cooper, it is a whole musical aesthetic that they have helped to sculpt. With cynicism and black humor, the American band, big sound muscle, pulverizes everything in its path, drawing with force, its most virulent compositions.

      The four beasts of the stage have no prohibitions. Daring is a state of mind, they have made it their motto. They bang the microphone, mistreat their guitars. With shattering rhythms and devastating riffs, their show cuts through reality and makes the lions pogote in the pit. It's obvious for all rock lovers looking for a raw energy that's devilishly jovial: Kiss has changed the game. Metal friends: it is made for you!


      Everything starts with a classified ad

      Everything starts with a classified ad

      Sometimes small ads are enough to write big stories. That's how Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley recruited Peter Criss and Ace Frehley at the time. Kiss is launched. Objective: to get noticed with performances never seen before. The beginnings are timid, the halls are empty. Everything will quickly get carried away.

      The interplanetary kiff of Kiss

      The interplanetary kiff of Kiss

      Despised by the critics, adored by the public: Kiss breaks codes and confuses. After promising first records and a growing success, the group is a hit all over the world with the release of its track I Was Made For You, from the album Dynasty.


      Down the masks

      Kiss drops the masks, for the first time. The audience then discovers the faces of these rock gladiators. The unexpected news is a shock to the fans. You know the rest: Kiss will soon return to black and white makeup, as if to mark, a little longer still, his difference!

      Farewell to the great living

      Farewell to the great living

      Kiss is a story, an extravagance, a release. After decades of poking around in the crowds, the band is preparing for retirement. But there's no question of leaving without saying goodbye! The band starts a long journey around the world, with nearly 150 dates. The end of the journey: in New York, in 2021.


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        Simply giant! It's not a simple concert, where a band shows up and sings. No, it's a real show. It's awesome and spectacular, the atmosphere is crazy. After 2 hours of explosive show, I have only one thing to say: thank you gentlemen! 

        Philippe, after the concert at Bercy

        Kiss is able to set a scene on fire like no one else. They are the first to have imagined the live show as a real show, daring things that were inconceivable before. They push the limits further and further. As soon as you get ready to see them, you wonder what new surprises they have in store for you. So it was a strong wish to see them play in France for their long and beautiful farewell tour.

        In an eruption of smoke revealing, posted on his cubic watchtower, a Peter Criss banging on his drums, as if he was trying to escape Freddy's clutches, while the guitars cut lewd riffs. 
        The Kiss show works on excessiveness: musicians perched on platforms of about ten centimeters, the impressive tongue that the bass player pulls out at every turn before spitting (false) blood, flames that spurt out everywhere. 

        Liberation - Le Figaro


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