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      Katy Perry, icon of the millennial generation, is a counterpoint to frivolous pop. With her crazy energy and colorful fantasy, the Californian artist takes the world by storm to the rhythm of unstoppable hits. But one question remains unanswered: how far will it go?

      Giant balloons, bubblegum and barbapapa: Katy Perry loves extravagance to the point of catapulting her to the roof of the world. With her ultra-vitaminized and avant-garde pop, her daring outfits and her radio-compatible rebel attitude, the eternal kid from Santa Barbara has become the icon of a generation that defies convention. Yet, his joyful fury stands in sharp contrast to the tidy life that seemed predestined for him. For yes, surprise: Katy Perry, daughter of American pastors, received a strict religious education, far from fantasies, sequins and combi-shorts.

      Who would have imagined then, seeing her there, in a neighbourhood gospel choir, that the young woman would, in a flash of time, take the bull by the horns to become the unavoidable hit machine of the beginning of the century? Probably even the most enlightened bookies would have refrained from trying the poker game. But we know: the American dream is not a legend. With her crazy look, her dazzling moves and her love of provocation, the goddess of pop has imposed her style, as if to free herself from a family environment a little too tight for her taste.

      She seduced the top of modern pop and American-style rap, becoming the playmate of Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West. Madonna fell under her spell and her friend, Rihanna, the crown of praise at every opportunity. If we are the sum of the people we are dating, there is no doubt that Katy Perry goes far beyond the boundaries of normality. In fact, even her worst enemies are classy, as evidenced by her legendary rivalry with singer Taylor Swift. So, yes, we can say it, the pop star hasn't finished taking up space in our hearts.



      Entrance through the big door

      Far from the gospel of her childhood, Katy Perry is a fulfilled young woman. It is then that, spotted by Capitol Records, the young Californian presents her album One of the Boys. From unknown, she becomes in a few weeks a real pop star. The first two singles I Kissed a Girl and Ur So Gay are huge hits. The album sold more than five million copies worldwide. Who can say better?


      Confirmed as a pop star

      Her duet with Justin Timberlake heralds the color: Katy Perry does not intend to brake on the road to glory. In parallel with the X-Factor jury, she intends to hit it big with her energetic pop and colorful wigs. A few weeks later, she presents a single that will mark her career: California Girls, in collaboration with Snoop Dogg.


      At the SuperBowl, as a consecration

      This is often the question that drives the SuperBowl: who will headline the show at halftime? This time, it is she, Katy Perry, the muse of a carefree America, who sets the stadium ablaze in front of more than 118 million American television viewers. As a reward, this show shows once again that in only five years, the pop star has made her mark. Prism, his album released two years earlier, is one of the proofs of this.


      Coming back even stronger

      After a few months in the background, Katty Perry is back, with a single Earth, a cry of alarm about the situation of global warming. On this occasion, she collaborates with the excellent American rapper Lil Dicky. Then comes the song Never Worn White, where the singer unveils a surprise that will delight fans: she is pregnant.


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        Frankly, that concert was terrible. Katy Perry is amazing, very sexy and fun! She gives a lot, she has a lot of fun and so do you. So she knows how to make us in a good mood. In short: great sound, stunning visual effects and a real showgirl! 

        Astery, after a concert in Montpellier

        In just a few years, Katy Perry has established herself as an icon of contemporary pop. Her rebellious spirit, sparkling pop and inexhaustible energy are seductive. Thus, each of her appearances is a monstrous show. So, we might as well admit that when we were able to accompany him to organize his dates in France, we didn't hesitate for a second. It's a pleasure to see such an artist give such a great smile to her fans in France!

        From the very beginning, the American singer made a remarkable entrance on a giant star. The tone is set. For almost two hours, the star played all her hits and her more confidential songs. A colorful, rhythmic and totally regressive evening. We loved it! 
        Faced with this debauchery of colors, scenery elements, choreographies, pyrotechnic effects, lasers and energy to spare, the spectator doesn't have a minute of respite. Katy Perry never slackens, a wildly creative show. The conclusion is clear: the road travelled by the daughter of a pastor since her beginnings is impressive. 

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      • 29 May
        Accor Arena
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