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      A master of black humor and hilarious one-liners, a delinquent of the politically incorrect, a mannequin who bears a striking resemblance to a Playmobil and an adept of self-mockery... Jimmy Carr is all of these things, but above all, he reigns over a perfectly ruthless sense of humor.

      Because this high-flying tightrope walker juggles words as if he were juggling sharp knives. A skilful dance between laughter and discomfort, in which he brazenly pushes the limits, taking the risk, with every step, of going a little further. A tightrope walker with a sense of humor that transforms the absurd and the offensive into bursts of laughter.

      Between his irreverent cynicism and the deadpan charm of his origins, he accepts that his personality cannot please everyone. Where some see an unforgivable departure from decorum, he sees an opportunity to bring to the forefront, with trashy humor, subjects that we no longer dare raise. His pen is a formidable instrument, mercilessly dismembering clichés, history's darkest events and his favorite target: himself.

      While he's happy to take his audience to task during his show, inciting them to invective him in order to better respond with scathing humor, behind his wry smile and impassive face lies a man who has made an art of self-mockery. So get your second degree ready for this explosive cocktail of impertinence.




      From television to stand-up

      When he decided to leave his job in marketing for stand-up comedy, Jimmy Carr had no idea that his rise would be so spectacular. Five years later, he found himself starring in a number of British game shows, even being nominated for a Rose d'Or award in 2006. But his real thing was comedy, and when he got the chance to present the comedy panel 8 Out of 10 Cats, he jumped at the chance to showcase his punchy one-liners and stand-ups, which were already touring England..


      His cutting lines invade Netflix

      This strategy, combined with his insatiable talent for cheeky jokes, propelled the comedian to the top. In 2012, his Funny Business show toured the UK, and in 2015, the whole world discovered his sharp sense of humor on Netflix. His keen sense of observation and ability to juggle sensitive subjects are winning him international recognition and tours.


      Jimmy Carr embraces his dark humor

      Age and fatherhood have not caused Jimmy Carr to lose his biting universe, nor his faux-Ken youth. So when, in his latest show, His Dark Material, a joke about the Holocaust arouses the fury of associations, he assumes it. Because humor shouldn't be restricted and, above all, because it can't please everyone, he explains that it's also an opportunity for him to shed light on forgotten parts of history. Clearly, cancel culture won't get the better of the comedian, who is now back on the road with his European tours.


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        Jimmy Carr really doesn't compromise in His Dark Material. He's clearly a master of razor-sharp humor, and at times you feel on the edge, laughing out loud yet slightly uncomfortable. He's clearly a genius when it comes to lifting our taboos, and he's proof that you can laugh at anything!

        Claire after a show in London

        On the other side of the Channel, he's a legend of caustic, no-holds-barred humor, eliciting laughter and yellow smiles in equal measure. But he's also a master of repartee and self-mockery, never hesitating to get his audience on board with his hilarious lines. If you're a fan of no-holds-barred humor, this is the show for you. And given the rarity of his appearances in France, it's not to be missed!

        If watching Carr on stage is a jaw-dropping experience, meeting the comedian in person is no less exhausting. For Carr, everything is fodder for jokes - strange turns of phrase are rolled around his mouth, titles deliberately misinterpreted, words misheard. He records these examples on his Dictaphone before turning them into crisp, effective jokes on his laptop. He never stops.

        The Independant
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