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      It's not a reconversion for actor Jeff Goldblum, but a passion that has taken on more and more importance. We knew him on film sets, but now he is a pianist and jazz singer. A style he has always been a great fan of. In fact, he started taking piano lessons long before he became an actor. And it is with this beginner's naivety, this candour that gives him a highly contagious pleasure that the brand new jazzman, accompanied by The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, delivers his songs that exude emotion and good humour.

      If he willingly attracts the light in front of the camera, playing with his eccentric personality and charisma to win the public's vote, it is as a more discreet musician and singer that he transforms himself when he touches on jazz. The man who still calls himself a "humble student" lets his musicians take the spotlight and his guest singers shine. "I do solos here and there, but I like being part of an ensemble" he explains. And far from taking it all in, he advocates music that is played with the gut and the heart, preferring the "more social, fun, emotional and romantic side" of music to its "cerebral, academic, innovative and even esoteric variations".

      A warm style that can be listened to on album but that is completely lived on stage. The guests come and go and the actor wears his double hat perfectly, gladly punctuating his musical interventions with anecdotes or questions about his films. As for his band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, it is the indestructible base on which the singer relies, half novice, half confident to deliver a top-notch jazz performance. And when you listen to his deep voice, you think Jeff Goldblum did well to trade in his role as intrepid researcher for that of crooner.



      Jeff Goldblum reveals his secret garden

      While on a promotional tour for the film Thor: Ragnarok, the actor agreed to accompany his friend Gregory Porter who was to perform Nat King Cole's Mona Lisa in a British TV show. To his great surprise, the world discovered him as a jazz pianist, an activity about which he had remained very discreet until then.


      Jeff Goldblum embraces his jazz side

      It seems that this first appearance gave a new impetus to the actor who, spotted by Decca, signed with his band The Capitol Studios Sessions on which he covered jazz standards. And there was no stopping him as the following year he released I Shouldn't Be Telling You This, still with The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra and surrounded by a host of famous guests including Fiona Apple, Gregory Porter and Miley Cyrus. He then began touring jazz venues where his humility, candour and beginner's desire to perform were a big hit.


      Jeff Goldblum persists

      In March 2023, he released his third album, Plays Well With Others. On it he performs, in simple happiness and always with a host of guests, a collection of jazz standards which he considers to be among the best songs ever written. And he doesn't hesitate to go off the beaten track. Like on Moon River, a duet with indie rock singer Mattiel Brown, or on the very relaxed I Wanna Be Around where he is joined by Brazilian Rodrigo Amarante. A new record that definitely takes him out of the amateurism!


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        I've seen some intimate concerts, but Jeff Goldblum gives the term its full meaning! Even before his band arrives, he launches into a conversation with the audience, calling everyone by their first name. But we're here for his jazz, endearing (like him), gentle, with a touch of positive energy that his band and the two female singers invited for this evening also bring. So yes, he's not one of the great names in jazz, but we can see that he takes enormous pleasure in performing. So do we, and that's all that matters!

        Elise after a concert

        There are some unlikely timings and Jeff Goldblum himself probably didn't expect to become the singer and jazz pianist he is today. It has to be said that action films and groovy music don't usually go together. However, the artist has changed course with The keys to his success are undoubtedly his unfailing generosity and great humility. He knows he still has a lot to learn, but in the meantime, we are overwhelmed by his kindness and his tracks that bring a welcome warmth to the hearts of fans of the genre.

        He has teased dinosaurs, played both Christ and the Devil and a very disturbing fly. There is, however, one Jeff Goldblum role that has not been talked about much so far: jazz pianist. Jeff Goldblum has been playing for more than 15 years at Rockwell's, a chic Los Angeles restaurant with a stage. He founded his own jazz band, the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, over 30 years ago. [...] The actor doesn't have the best voice in the world, but he and his musicians exude infectious fun.

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