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      Soldier to the rescue of pop-folk !
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      He has moved the whole world with his softly melancholy strolls and his blue eyes to turn hearts upside down. For with his usual sympathy and colourful romanticism, James Blunt, a former member of the English army, always finds the ideal angle to put us into perspective.

      No one has ever told the torments of life, the atrocities of the war in Kosovo and the bruised loves so well. No one has ever brought so much balm to the heart of melancholy souls. No one but him. Yes, James Blunt, a child from the county of Wiltshire, England, is a soft and reassuring light that illuminates us in the mist. With his devastating gaze and impeccable angel's face, the English songwriter, underneath his ideal son-in-law's air, stirs our emotions.

      He enchants memories, sublimates farewells. In his own way, James Blunt pushes his voice to titillate our joys and sorrows with an intimate and catchy universe. He dares to mourn with elegance, to break preconceived ideas without a fuss and to show his feelings without a filter. Known for his worldwide hits - You're Beautiful and 1973 - and his irresistible anthems, the little prince of pop-folk always finds the right words and notes to sublimate very personal thoughts. Behind his apparent calmness and fragile timbre lies an iron power.

      James Blunt continues his long journey on a singular itinerary. With his feet on the ground, his head in the clouds: his world implores simplicity as much as it explores grandiloquence. Thus, from khaki uniforms to the most beautiful scenes in the world, the British man with the suave accent, long cherished by Carrie Fisher, breaks down his life as he composes his songs. 



      Back from Kosovo

      How do we see life after seeing so many atrocities, distress and petrified souls? James Blunt answers with music. When he left the army, the Englishman composed the first notes of No Bravery, to express his excess emotion. He recounts the war, his experience in Kosovo, and soon meets Carrie Fisher.


      The unknown of success

      James Blunt presents his first record. His discretion is suddenly turned upside down by a worldwide success. His song You're Beautiful is broadcast worldwide. He quickly became the musical revelation of the moment, going so far as to win a prestigious NRJ Music Award.


      The former soldier stands up

      James Blunt rises to contribute to the LIVING WITH WAR TODAY movement, launched by the timeless Neil Young. This anti-war movement advocates peace, at a time when bombs are falling in Iraq. It's decided: throughout his career, the little angel of pop-folk will be a committed artist, but without making a fuss about it.


      He travels alone

      It is one of his most moving albums, fifteen years after the beginning of his career. In Once Upon A Mind, his new record, James Blunt gives his truth, paying a heartfelt and honest tribute to his ailing father. The whole circle of life is told, with happiness and melancholy, in this sumptuous album.


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        The concert was great, with a unique sound and top musicians. I really enjoyed James Blunt's humour. He is there, in all simplicity, to make us live a magical moment. You can feel that he is happy to be there. The audience seemed to be won over, me too. It was an excellent evening. 

        Valère, after the concert in Dijon

        James Blunt, apart from being an extremely likeable boy, is an incredibly talented artist. His voice, his melodies: he succeeds, with elegance, in making his moods popular, thanks to a beautiful and melancholic music, accessible to all. Producing this songwriter is an immense pleasure. On stage, as well as off stage, he is exemplary !

        With every movement to the right or left of the microphone, the audience applauds James Blunt. Every song is celebrated. Without shouting or hysteria, these rather respectful demonstrations accompany the one hundred minutes of the concert of the English singer and guitarist at the Zenith in Paris. Friendly audience for a performance of the same kind, without overflowing. 

        Le Monde


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