An artistic double emerging from depression into the light
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      IAMX is the project of Englishman Chris Corner, ex-member of the trip-hop band Sneaker Pimps. More than a solo project, IAMX is a real transition in the artist's career, which wants to be theatrical, transcendent, and community. A stage character, double of the artist, producing a sound mixing synthetic pop and gothic electro.


      Corner's singularity is first of all due to his appearance but also to his performances, his videos and his personality. Androgynous and visceral, the IAMX project transformed a small-town boy into an international star in the late 90's, then into a creator of raw art disrupting genres and styles in the 2000's. The artist breaks the codes and reveals an overwhelming intimacy.


      From the launch of his solo career in 2004, IAMX's style is "a very dark, erotic music with influences from 80's electro music". Traces of Chris's former life quickly disappeared as his theatrical alias emerged in all its glory. IAMX maintained a frantic pace of touring and recording, moving to Berlin in 2005 at the height of their electronic renaissance. However, a few years later, Corner fell into depression and suffered from insomnia. His ordeal, detailed on his personal blog, led him to move to California, to Los Angeles.


      This move was to be a salvation and it is felt on the albums "Metanoia" and "Alive In New Light". The artist seems to have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel and the depression is replaced by a great creative euphoria. The last few years have also allowed lAMX to return to the acoustic guitar, as in his early days. We don't know what else will emerge from the tormented soul of IAMX, who never stops renewing himself artistically.


      The artist has come a long way since his beginnings in a working class family context. He knew the light then the despair but that will have proved to be a force finally. IAMX will continue to evolve, and is determined to produce music that transcends genres, defies the rules of the industry, and speaks directly to the hearts of people.


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      • 21 Apr
        PARIS 11
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