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      The unlikely alliance that brings hard rock back to life
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      Take two rock legends, a Hollywood superstar, shake it all up and you'll get a smashing, explosive, iconic trio: Hollywood Vampires! A combination as good as it is amazing between actor Johnny Depp, rock star Alice Cooper and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

      At the base of this "supergroup" as the world press likes to call it, a meeting on the shooting of Tim Burton's film Dark Shadows and a guitar romp between friends. A few months later however, this "fun" project inherited a name, in reference to the private club The Hollywood Vampires. Created in his youth by a crazy Alice Cooper, it served coma drinks to a generation of rock stars wanting to escape the control of their managers. A name that the main interested party explains in the following way: "they only saw us at night and all we did was drink". The tone is set !

      Because Hollywood Vampires is tinted of this time when rock stars dominated the world. A mix of hard rock, blues and pop of which only these old music routards have the secret, the side project finally takes the form of two albums and original compositions. Against all odds, the band becomes a creative force, even though the massive influences of Alice Cooper and Joe Perry resonate strongly. Would we have gone from a band of buddies to something more serious ?

      In any case, it's not to displease their audience, as soon as the first riffs are launched! And when you see them on stage, the stage fright of being in front of these living legends quickly disappears. Finally, they become simple guys again, happy to be with us again, to have fun and to find the freedom to do what they want, nothing more, nothing less !



      From an innocent drink to an avalanche of guests

      If the history of the band logically started around a drink, Hollywood Vampires quickly gained in stature and released a first eponymous album, very well received, in 2015. In the form of a tribute, it covers the rock star hits that left too early and is often a member of The Hollywood Vampires club that Alice Cooper founded. Their first concerts soon followed at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles with a crowd of very, very high-flying guests ! Tom Morello, Geezer Butler or Marilyn Manson, not bad for a newly formed band !


      A passage noticed at the Hellfest

      Seeing that their "fun" project is gaining momentum, the three foxes decide to continue their adventure. In 2018, they perform at the Hellfest in France. Although expected at the turn of the century, Johnny Depp assures his two friends and silences those who still thought that one couldn't be a good actor and musician !


      No more retakes !

      Everybody thought that the Hollywood Vampire trip would end as it had begun. And yet the trio surprise by releasing a second opus, Rise, which this time includes many more original songs than covers. With this original proposal, tinged with each other's influences, the band shows that they are now to be reckoned with on the world rock scene.


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        Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, nice attacking line! The actor, even as a modest sideman, seems to attract the light. The compositions are really nice and the covers are completely electric. And in the end, Johnny Depp really has nothing to be ashamed of when faced with the two rock legends standing next to him. His cover of David Bowie's Heroes is pretty amazing. A great concert ! 

        Philippe after the concert at the Hellfest

        We knew Johnny Depp was a musician and rock enthusiast, but who would have thought that he would one day play alongside the living gods of the genre, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry ? Faced with his heavyweights, the actor doesn't give up and we can say that the three accomplices know how to revive hard rock ! On stage and despite their average age, it's a real surge of energy and we can't wait to welcome them back to France !

        Johnny Depp and his band of Hollywood Vampires impressed for the opening of the metal festival taking place in Clisson in Loire-Atlantique. The actor from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga did not come accompanied by strangers. He was surrounded by Alice Cooper and the guitarist of the band Aerosmith, Joe Perry. For an hour and a half, in front of a pit full to bursting point, the Hollywood Vampires performed covers of the biggest rock hits and their own compositions. 
        The supergroup Hollywood Vampires, founded by Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, in homage to the band of musician buddies who squatted in Hollywood's Rainbow bar in the 70s (Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, Micky Dolenz...), promises a shot of rock covers... and nostalgia. 

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