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      With Gorod, the word precision takes on so much meaning that you'd almost think the band from Bordeaux had invented it. The solos are so fast that Matthieu Pascal's fingers on the guitar hardly seem to touch the strings. The drums are hammered at a thundering pace while the singer, Julien "Nutz" Deyrez, delivers a growl that makes you sweat and would hurt the throat of anyone who tries to imitate it.

      On amphetamines, the rhythms lead into a spiral from which one comes out at best out of breath, at worst out of nerves before diving back in for a ride. Because we must admit, there is something deeply addictive in Gorod's music. Fatally, for 20 years, they haven't been the masters of tech death metal for nothing.

      And if the heavy sound and the aggressive vocals would dampen the atmosphere of any beautiful spring day, the band doesn't forget to offer its audience a short opportunity to breathe from time to time. This usually takes the form of breaks and melodic flights of fancy that distinguish the band from their 90's compatriots, Death, Coroner or Carcass in particular.

      Obviously, this outburst of pure energy coupled with a technique that would make any guitar hero swoon, becomes completely untameable live. And that's where the band excels, making a name for themselves all over the world for their exalted performances. The hair spins rhythmically, unscrewing your neck, as you wonder how the strings still hold on the guitars. But it holds and Gorod continues to make the metalheads go berserk with their unleashed solos.




      The beginnings of Gorgasm

      Originally from Bordeaux, the band was initially called Gorgasm but changed its name in the following years, not wanting to be confused with a band from Chicago that had the same idea. After a first EP, they recorded Neurotripsicks and announced the colour. With them, the drums are set on fire, the guitars are hammered in a virtuoso way and the vocals are spat out with devastating energy. An album that makes noise on the other side of the Atlantic, allowing the band to sign with Willowtip Records, based in Pennsylvania.


      Gorod breaks the bank

      With their second album, Leading Vision, the band hit the ground running with its ever faster rhythms and aggressive melodies. Their opus was very positively received by the critics and they went on a European tour that ended with a return to the United States and the mythical Maryland Deathfest. In 2009, Process of a New Decline finishes the job, with the band making several appearances at French festivals, as well as at Neurotic DeathFest and MidWest Fuckfest. Death must now reckon with Gorod's unstoppable technique.


      Gods among Gods

      With their sixth album released in 2018, Aethra, Gorod show that after more than 20 years of career, they have lost none of their mastery. Their big sound is always balanced to the millimetre and their melodies always more worked, always more catchy. Continuing their tours around the world, the band made a thunderous appearance at Hellfest in 2022! At the end of that same year, three singles were released on streaming platforms. One thing is certain, Gorod is not done roaring.


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        There should be a warning to the audience because Gorod's set will seriously unplug our ears and propel us into a totally off-the-wall energy. The singer is amazing and it almost seems as if he and his guitarist, whose technicality is just alien, are coming for the audience to provoke a fight. I now understand why everyone enjoys this band live. It's technical, it's melodic, and it shakes like never before!

        Sébastien after a concert in Nantes

        Gorod is a metal band that definitely knows how to get the best out of its instruments. Rarely have we seen such virtuosity, such speed on the guitar. Rarely have we seen drums hold up so long under the repeated assaults of a drummer who is almost a blacksmith. Rarely have we seen such a sharp singer. The band definitely deserves its place in the biggest metal festivals. Because it is on stage that they express themselves best and impress the hordes of metalheads who are always ready to fight.

        The virtuosity of the musicians no longer needs to be proven to anyone who has ever put an ear to the world of Gorod. But what is totally destabilizing is that these monsters spend their time laughing while sending out riffs each more hallucinating than the next! I even suspect that Matthieu Pascal, chief composer, gets off on the difficulty of the riffs even more! Technicity, energy and good mood, this is the trifecta offered by the quintet.

        At the gates of metal
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