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      In these dark times that surround us, while clouds obscure the sun and bad omens abound, Ghost resurrects!

      Ghost is undoubtedly THE metal band whose meteoric rise leaves no doubt. Their hard rock sprinkled with deliciously bewitching pop flavors, has allowed the Swedes to attract the favors of a larger and larger audience, through irresistible hits such as "He is", "Square Hammer" or "Rats". The seductive assets of their albums have been praised by all the specialized and non specialized media.

      The stage is the other domain where Ghost excels. Offering darkly extravagant and perfectly orchestrated shows, the band no longer counts the number of sold-out concerts in France. Its passages at the top of the posters of Hellfest or Download have left indelible traces in the memory of fans. In May 2019, Metallica had even specially invited them on its concert at the Stade de France. Winners of a Grammy Award, the black steeds of Ghost are now led by Papa Emeritus IV. It is thus under his fascinating leadership that the French public will be able, once again, to succumb to the bewitching charms of this unique band.



      A promising start in Sweden

      A promising start in Sweden

      Quickly after its formation in Linköping, the band was noticed thanks to its satanist image, with a lot of disguises and make-up inspired by horror movies or Scandinavian black metal. His first song, "Stand by Him", presents a mix of extreme lyrics and heavy music, while paying particular attention to the melodies. The Ghost sound was born.

      A dazzling success

      A dazzling success

      As soon as Opus Eponymous is released, the band starts an important international tour, especially in the United States. Ghost quickly meets success in the United States and several figures of the metal scene declare themselves fans: Phil Anselmo (Down) or James Hetfield (Metallica). The band also defends its opus in the biggest festivals such as Hellfest and Download.

      The confirmation

      The confirmation

      After the release in April 2015 of Meliora, their third album, the group meets a phenomenal success in many countries, including France. This performance is noticed by Canal+ who invites the band to perform on the set of "L'Album de la semaine". In 2016, Ghost won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance with the song Cirice. 

      In perpetual evolution...

      In perpetual evolution...

      Around Tobias Forge, the formation is reinforced by an additional guitarist and a keyboardist, as well as a saxophonist. The album Prequelle is acclaimed by the critics. It reaches number 3 on the US Billboard 200 and the top 10 on many other national charts (Canada, Belgium, UK, Germany, etc.). The band succeeds again in this subtle mix of heavy metal, hard rock, pop and progressive metal inspirations.


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