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      Gaëlle Buswel

      With sensitivity, she ravages the blues-rock
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      From the dim neon lights of the London Underground to those of Paris, Gaëlle Buswel has known and tried everything before finally reaching the bright lights of the stage. With a sensitive sweetness, an exalted rage and concerts always full of ardour, she has succeeded in taking her place in the small world of blues rock, sharing the stage with the greatest artists. And given her stratospheric talent, it's a story that's set to last.


      Because Gaëlle Buswel has all the arguments to seduce. First of all, she has a generous personality, of an absolute naturalness. The kind of person you want to follow to the ends of the earth when she tells us her stories in music. Then there's her stage presence, which would make the greatest rock stars pale in comparison. When she grabs her microphone, the stage is ablaze with pure energy. And a powerful voice that nothing seems to be able to chip away at, carried by a singer who never hides behind her guitar to take her rightful place.

      Finally, Gaëlle Buswel is not shy when it comes to anchoring a modern blues-rock in its time, which sometimes takes on the colours of Americana. She certainly draws her inspiration from the United States to sing in English well-felt melodies that transport her audience with disconcerting ease. In concert, she even sometimes does without instruments for an a capella accompanied only by the clapping of her hands, feet and the chorus of her musicians.

      Armed with an unfailing good humour, with her, universes collide in a clash that always brings out the best in the music. Other people's ideas "push her towards the danger of what we don't know" to "bring a song with different universes to the top". This is Gaëlle Buswel's world, a clever mix of devastating blues rock that has seduced some of the biggest names in rock. ZZ Top, -M-, Ringo Starr, UB40, Louis Bertignac, Zucchero... She has already opened for all these artists and with her charismatic charm, the list is still open!



      Gaëlle Buswel goes solo

      Gaëlle Buswel was almost born into music and started performing at the age of 13 with her band Cam On. In 2010, she met guitarist Neal Black in a small café-concert in Cauville and decided to go on the road with him. Between them, they self-produced a first album, Yesterday's Shadow, which made a name for itself in France and Canada, without yet propelling the artist completely into the spotlight.


      New days arrive

      The singer is tenacious and plays a series of concerts and competitions, winning prizes at the Cahors Blues Festival, France Blues and Cognac Blues Passion. She recorded her third album, New Days Waiting, between France and Texas to take us at full speed on the tracks of her American road-trip. It was released in 2017 and propelled her on the biggest stages. Completely seduced, Matthieu Chedid, Jonny Lang, Beth Hart and Ringo Starr asked her to open their concerts. For her, it was a dream come true: she played alongside some of her idols!


      In the legendary Abbey Road studios

      The singer who regularly covers Help live is once again following in the footsteps of the Fab Four. Her new album, Your Journey, was recorded between Belgium and the legendary Abbey Road studios in London. For the artist, this is already a consecration that will also be underlined by the whole of the specialist press. From RollingStone to Rock & Folk and the American magazine The Morning Call, they all hailed this album, which is a bit more rock, where pop, folk and country influences blend perfectly and where the singer sends out the decibels with all the sensitivity we know.


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        I had already been seduced by Gaëlle Buswel's blues-rock with 70's accents, but after this live performance, I am completely amazed. A powerful voice, a guitar that rocks and a rock full of energy, it's not every day that you see a singer who dares to assert herself with authenticity as she does! A concert full of generosity and good old rock as I like it and an artist who really deserves to be better known!

        Sarah after a concert at the Café de la Danse

        Gaëlle Buswel is the definition of an artist who wants it. Because it takes tenacity to bring colour back to the dark corridors of the metro, it takes tenacity to dare to go solo after 6 years in a band and it takes tenacity to grow, album after album, to finally play with her mentors! When you see her on stage, you understand why the press and her public adore her. She has a desire and an authenticity that have remained intact to carry the colours of her melodic blues-rock high. An artist who still has some great surprises in store for us.

        A room full to bursting, an audience mostly made up of faithful fans, and solid compositions under the arm. All the ingredients were there on Saturday evening at the Café de la Danse, in Paris, for Gaëlle Buswel to give us a good evening. And this is indeed what happened, during more than an hour and a half of good old-fashioned blues rock that delighted the crowd.

        Le Parisien


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        Saint Agathon
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