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      • 2024 1 concert
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        March 2024
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      There's a bit of Monty Python in them. But make no mistake, this unlikely trio are Irish and proud of their roots! Roots that give them plenty of grist for their hilarious sketches, in which their origins regularly provide fertile ground.

      Before taking to the stage, Foil Arms & Hog (don't ask us why!) cut their teeth on the Internet. Every week, the three friends release a new three-minute video depicting their daily lives, the differences between the peoples of the world, or current events in the UK.

      And it's a hit! With almost a million subscribers and over a billion views, we can't help but laugh out loud at the impertinent accuracy of their comments. Clearly, we're enjoying the humor, as the trio have a natural gift for picking up on life's absurdities and eccentricities. Situations that we generally accept without question, yet which appear perfectly ridiculous when they start talking about them.


      Refreshingly authentic, the humor is unpretentious, pure and absolutely unfiltered, and first scratches the Irish and the English before attacking the others. Because cultural differences are an inexhaustible source of inspiration with which their audience can instantly identify.



      Who benefits from the crisis?

      While studying architecture, genetics and engineering, the three met at Dublin University's Drama Society. As the financial crash left them with no prospects for the future, they decided to seize their chance and make a living from their sketches. Their piquant humor quickly caught on, and they gained popularity on the Internet, racking up thousands of views and a few appearances on Irish television.


      Did you say Brexit?

      Little by little, Foil Arms & Hog's biting repartee crossed borders, and it was an explanatory video on the Brexit that made them a household name in France. In it, they depict the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and the Commonwealth with their characteristic phlegm. The result is that you come away even more confused than when you started, but with a smile on your face. In the meantime, the trio has been performing regularly, in the UK of course, but also in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.


      On stage or online?

      We've done it! Foil, Arms & Hog have racked up over a billion views on YouTube, with cult sketches such as "When Irish People Can't Speak Irish" and "How to Speak Dublin". Since their debut, their weekly videos have been viewed by thousands, and the trio are back on the road for a European tour. There's no doubt about it: they've got plenty of time to scratch at our cultures and our differences, in shows where the audience becomes their main source of inspiration.


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        I saw some of their sketches on the internet before I booked my tickets, and really, the experience is even funnier! It's almost as if they're co-producing with the audience, so much so that they involve them in feeding their show. Sometimes it's a kind of joyful anarchy, but it's always hilarious!

        Clémence after a show in Dublin

        Like many, we discovered Foil Arms & Hog on YouTube before producing their shows. And clearly, it's even better in person! These three Irishmen have a never-black humor that plays on our differences and everyday situations to make us die laughing. Their European and French tours are rare, so get your tickets now!


        Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years, you've probably already seen a Foil Arms & Hog sketch - three Irish boys with an abundance of costumes who make fun of everything from Leaving Cert to Ryanair, Irish interventions to Brexit, and if you think they're funny on screen, wait until you've seen them live.

        The Irish Post
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