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      With his smooth voice, his hand on his heart, he knows how to whisper the most beautiful melodies to us. He is Elvis Costello, of course. The English singer, prolific and jack-of-all-trades, has always known how to find the right words to navigate with class between the waves of pop, new wave and rose-scented rock.

      An eclectic rocker, Elvis Costello, friend of the Pogues and Paul McCartney, is not just a King. He also has a huge part of the talent required to assume this distinction. For behind his Fender, this daring wanderer has this incredible ability to always walk on the edge. Thus, brought up in a jazzy sauce by a father leader of the Joe Loss Orchestra, he has always managed to juggle labels. No one else is like him, because this guy is unique.

      He has a taste for paradox and subtle provocation, whistles tunes that smell of English elegance and pursues the summits with instinctive, and always sincere, writing. Elvis Costello, square glasses on his nose and black hat on the front, has built his career by shaping a class that he embodies without forcing. He is thus far from his youthful journey on the arduous waves of punk. Here, gentleness has regained the upper hand, preferring delicacy of spirit to the deafening din of guitars.

      Even today, Elvis Costello, exiled in the United States, pushes the magic to its paroxysm. It's as if getting older is a way of becoming ever taller, more charming, more exhilarating. On the one hand, with idols like Robert Wyatt, Roy Orbison or Roger McGuinn, one could expect nothing more than to see this English virtuoso, passionate about art and letters, become the perfect mirror of grace.



      A promising start

      His punk-tinged debut album, My Aim Is True, was a small success in the UK, but not enough to make a lasting impression. So, with his huge glasses, the British artist knows that he will have to work harder for a while before he finally stands out from the crowd. That's where he meets Steve Nieve and Pete Thomas, two men who will accompany him for a long time.


      The confirmation of a great

      With his subsequent albums, including Armed Forces and Get Happy! Elvis Costello's stature was confirmed for good. With The Attractions, he succeeded in imposing his style in England and the United States. Then, in 1981, he decided to conquer more pop territory with the excellent Trust.


      With his friend Paul McCartney

      Working with the best makes you a great one. So when Elvis Costello enters the studio with Paul McCartney, you realize that a treasure will come out of it. And that's not lacking, since the single Veronica is a real hit. A few years after splitting from The Attractions, it is therefore, more than ever, at the top of the bill.


      Costello always has great class

      Almost thirty years into his career, Elvis Costello is in a very prolific decade, with seven albums in less than seven years. And that year, the album Secret, Profane and Sugarcane received a magnificent reception from the critics. The beautiful cover designed by comic book artist Tony Millionaire is also worth noting.


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        This concert by Elvis Costello was grandiose: what class! Because tonight at Fourvière, the many people who were absent were wrong. It's better to say it right away, the concert was monumental. Untiring and visibly happy to be there, Costello didn't seem to want to stop playing. It was a beautiful moment that I am not ready to forget. 

        Youri, after a concert in Lyon

        A great man is easy to recognise: it touches everything, it collaborates with the greatest, it sublimates every note. This is exactly the portrait one could draw of Elvis Costello. And what can we say about his career, apart from the fact that it is remarkable? So you will have understood that, on stage, it is an immense talent that presents itself and offers us an exceptional moment.

        Elvis Costello is a gentleman rocker. But rock is only one facet of the talent of this artist who has succeeded in the course of his discography in tackling all sorts of styles: country, soul, folk and classical music. What is missing from his painting? The mazurka, perhaps, to become famous in Poland! 

        Paris Match


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