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      This is a firepower never seen before in the world of metal. A band that aims straight and shoots with unparalleled precision. Their weapons are their instruments, their voices, their emotions and a sense of melody that hits home. With a line-up that even the most seasoned metalheads wouldn't dare to imagine, they're kicking the crap out of the crowd and are ready to send out a big sound.

      Because Elegant Weapons is first and foremost two Judas Priest legends, Richie Faulkner on guitar and Scott Travis on drums, joined by Ronnie Romero on vocals and Rex Brown from Pantera on bass. That's for the studio part, because on tour Dave Rimmer handles the growling lines and Christopher Williams takes over on drums.

      And no matter how you set it up, their music takes you by storm. "A heavy, melodic and appealing sound, somewhere between modern and ancient" according to Faulkner. But we'd go a step further. Because this mix of Jimi Hendrix, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne is a demonstration of heavy metal. Endlessly catchy guitar solos, a heaviness that instantly makes you want to shake your head and rhythms on amphetamines.

      There's no doubt about it, it shakes you to the core and you wouldn't expect anything less from the quartet. For Richie, it's more a necessity than a choice. He doesn't get along with acoustics, but he never slows down the tempo. The thrilling Do or Die, the fastest track on their first album, is a perfect reflection of the idea behind Elegant Weapons: "to keep the flag flying for this timeless heavy metal style".



      Four musicians sharpen their weapons

      Virtuoso Richie Faulkner had long wanted to set up a side project with the hyper-talented Scott Davis. So in 2022, he drew up a group of musicians who had nothing left to prove. Their name: Elegant Weapons, in reference to their instruments, already a bit vintage but from which they know how to get the best. The band then signed to the mythical Nuclear Blast Records and released their first album, Horns for a Halo, whose singles Do or Die and Blind Leading The Blind announced the colour. It will be a heavy metal, full of electric riffs, which would make any fan of the genre raise his hair. History is in the making.


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        I'm a huge Judas Priest fan so I've been following the making of Elegant Weapons with passion. And what I can say is that their first tracks are explosive. It hits hard and when you know the capacity of these guys to give everything on stage, I just can't wait to be at the next Hellfest to discover them live.


        Take four virtuoso musicians, who are already heavy legends, shake it up and you come out with a heavy, melodic sound with raging riffs. Whether in the studio or on stage, we're sure that these four will deliver a puritanical metal ode in a modern tradition that is close to perfection. See you at Hellfest to finally discover this "supergroup" in the flesh.

        Released last month, the band's first track "Blind Leading The Blind" showed promise, but "Do Or Die" really brings it home, bringing exactly the heavy metal sound you'd expect when it comes to artists of their calibre. Faulkner has stated that this new track is a call to action to tackle everything in life head on.

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