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      Electric Pyramid exudes the freedom of the 70's, as if its singer, guitar in hand, long hair, leather jacket and sparkling trousers, had gone one day on the roads of the United States in search of companions to form a rock band with a hippie vibe.

      Except that from the very first notes, we understand that Electric Pyramid is not one of those nostalgic bands. And even if they borrow from legends like Nirvana, Foo Fighters or Pearl Jam, their sound is resolutely modern, with a clear ambition: to bring back the double guitars, the big percussive riffs and the demonic rhythms that propelled rock to the front of the stage 50 years ago.

      And for this, the five friends were not born yesterday. Before meeting and settling in London, they had already crossed paths with some of the biggest names. Coldplay, Joe Bonamassa or Nelly Furtado, here is a small selection of the artists that these musicians worked with before starting their life together. And if they have had various influences, they know exactly where they want to go, with a recipe that has already proven itself. It will be a rock anthology, excellence sauce, which sometimes flirts with this feel good that always provides a good old Americana.

      No fuss in their music, no effects, no synthesizers, as RollingStone says so well "the sound is raw... addictive. Pure pleasure". An authentic rock where the guitars are the heroes and the singer's hoarse voice embarks on a ride supported by a hectic drumming. In a world where everything is becoming electronic, Electric Pyramid plugs in without any other embellishment and plunges us into its pure emotions.



      Globetrotting musicians

      Everyone had their own jobs. Ol Beach was already a frontman, Chris Brice on drums accompanied Coldplay on their stadium tour, Linus Taylor, guitarist, toured the world with Bryan Ferri, Luigi Casanova was Joanne Shaw Taylor's bassist and opened for Foreigner or Supertramp, and Cristian Mendoza, Mexican and a native guitarist, played for Nelly Furtado or Vernon Reid. One day the five of them met in London and the fire of a burning rock literally swept them away. With their neo-hippie look, they started to compose a familiar yet totally new sound!


      Electric Pyramid presents... Electric Pyramid!

      Finally! Five years after their formation and a few singles that reached the streaming platforms and the ears of critics, Electric Pyramid releases their self-titled debut album. Produced by John Cornfield who, having accompanied Muse, Oasis or Robert Plant, knows what he's talking about, the record is a jewel of big organic sound. The same year, the band went on a world tour, including three dates in France. And if the concerts are still intimate, the rave reviews give an idea of the heights this band could reach.


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        The singer's sequined shirt and trousers, everyone else's long hair and heady choruses over heartfelt riffs, I did well to brave the grey Parisian weather tonight to discover what Electric Pyramid had in store! It's the guitars that speak, the drums that resonate and a raw, rocky voice on top. It reminds us of where rock comes from and what it is, and it feels really good!

        Kilian after a concert

        Barely formed, the band's track record was already impressive! So, of course, we too put our two fingers in the socket to follow this new, overexcited band who seem to know exactly where they are going. And it's a real pleasure to see them play their physical rock on our French stages, with guitars, drums and the singer's voice not hiding behind any fashionable technology. It's a real blast for us big sound lovers!

        "Rock'n'roll can never die" sang Neil Young, and the arrival of Electric Pyramid can confirm this statement. And their haunting, even heady, rock takes off the head of any amateur of organic music, sincerely played and sent with force. [...] Listening to this ô so jubilant record reminds us to what extent the distorted guitars, the well-tempered keyboards and the leaded rhythms with a renewed seventies taste, reviewed and corrected in 2021, with a production above all suspicion and with a redoubtable efficiency, haven't said their last word.

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