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      It all started with a quarrel over a pint of beer. To someone who told him that Poison were death metal, Jesse Hughes replied "They're the Eagles of death metal". So much for the name. As for the rest, you won't find overpowering riffs or doom rhythms in Eagles of Death Metal music. Their thing is stoner rock that doesn't take itself seriously. And that always results in melodies that are close to perfection and lyrics that often make you smile.

      Humour is the trademark of the band, formed by two childhood friends. Jesse Hughes, on vocals and guitar, also leader of Boots Electric. And Josh Homme, the multi-instrumentalist who also founded the famous Queens of the Stone Age. With two such big names, it was bound to be a blast! And indeed, their mix of rock, blues-tinged stoner, complete punk attitude and a hint of the Rolling Stones is almost unmistakable.

      But their music really comes alive on stage. They are great believers in the second degree and make fun of all the clichés that make up rock music by overplaying their hand. Thus, Hughes' emblematic moustache regularly steals the show from their irresistible music. The big leather jackets, chains and badass tattoos make them look like ferocious beasts when their lyrics and attitudes often say just the opposite. Zipper Down, for example, the eponymous title of their latest album, which literally translates as "open fly", mocks the machismo displayed by rockers.

      Because that's what Eagles of Death Metal is all about. Simply a band of friends who have nothing to prove, but who want to have fun and give a communicative feel good to all those who come to visit them in concert.



      Peace, Love, Death Metal

      It was in 1998 that Hughes and Homme met in Palm Desert, probably to reminisce about their high school days. But from this nostalgic meeting was born the Eagles of Death Metal. A surprising name for a band that is just as surprising. And if Homme is often absent because of his parallel activities, the band concretizes things with Peace, Love, Death Metal which is released 6 years later. Homme describes their sound as a cross between bluegrass, powerful drums and Canned Heat-like vocals. Obviously, with his second degree and his sense of arrangement, the band took off!


      The next level

      A little boost from Nike who released their Take it to the Next Level ad using the band's song Don't Speak. But clearly, Eagles of Death Metal didn't really need it to take over the world's best stages. Because that year they also released their third album, Heart On with a lead single, Wanabee in LA, and toured the globe, starting in the US. Everywhere, they put smiles on their faces with their offbeat lyrics and catchy rock.


      Black day in Paris

      On a European tour to promote their latest album, Zipper Down, the band performed at the Bataclan in Paris on 13 November 2015 and became infamous for being on stage during the terrorist attacks that killed 130 people. After this tragedy, Eagles of Death Metal want to pay tribute to them. They will do so forcefully and musically, joining U2 at the AccorHotels Arena in December 2015. Then with a tour in 2016, entitled "Nos Amis Tour".


      An expected return to France

      It has been three years since the band came back to France to play their light-hearted music. In 2019, they are back at Hellfest, obviously dedicating their concert to the victims of the Bataclan attacks. A cathartic performance for the band, visibly in shape and happy to be back on stage, supported by an entire audience! The same year, the band released EODM presents Boots Electric Performing the Best Songs we Never Wrote, an explosive compilation of their favourite songs.


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        The Eagles of Death Metal play from the heart and that's a real pleasure to see and hear. These guys have stuck together through thick and thin and their music is always exceptionally good, fun and infectious. Check them out!

        Samantha after a show at Hellfest in 2019.

        We produced Eagles of Death Metal before the fateful events of 2015, we'll continue to support them after. Because with their half-Californian, half-blues music and their funny but always subtle state of mind, these guys are terribly endearing and unfailingly good humoured. On stage, they communicate their energy with love and heart. They are definitely a band to enjoy and support live!

        Far from being a metal band, as their name might indicate, the Californian band is divided between bluegrass or blues rock melodies. Constantly playing the humour and self-mockery card, the band, led by Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes, wants to use rock as a way to have a good time... Their music is indeed close to the subtle tones of melodies reserved for the great outdoors.

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